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Polygiene odor control
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How to get rid of the odor from your stinky training clothes!

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Even after the most intense physical activity Polygiene treated baselayers will not smell. They will breath and keep you warm, day in and day out, but they won’t develop a bad odor.


The primary role of a base layer is to transport moisture away from the skin. With Polygiene you can be sure that any sweat moving through different layers will not lead to unpleasant odors.


Polygiene can help preserve the performance characteristics of shell products as the treatment stops odor causing bacteria and reduces the need to wash frequently.


Hands can become very hot and sweaty but gloves are often delicate and need the appropriate washing and care. Polygiene treatment allows gloves to be cared for in the right way and will always be fresh and odor free.


Shoes and socks are the breeding ground for bad smells and everybody can recognise the smell of a sweaty sock or shoe. Polygiene treatment will always keep your footwear and socks fresh and odor free.


Wetsuits are submerged for long periods of time which allows fungi to grow and can lead to skin infections. By treating the lining of a wetsuit with Polygiene this can be avoided as well as stopping any odor development.


Protective gear may become very hot and sweaty but they are essential for many physical activties. Using helmets with Polygiene treated liners will prolong the life of your helmet and keep it fresh and odor free.


Bags and backpacks are often subject to lots of humidity that can lead to odor, fungi and mildew. By treating the interior, and parts of the exterior with Polygiene, this can be stopped.
Polygiene, Treated Products, Hats and accessories


Hats, beanies, buffs and all accessories you can think of will stay fresh and need less washing when treated with Polygiene.



Conquer your workout without worrying about odors with Unstinkable, an innovative collection of Athleta active apparel in collaboration with Polygiene. Learn more about this collection of time-saving, long-lasting and odor-free activewear below.


From your daily workout to the city streets, stay fresh all day with Unstinkable by Polygiene and Athleta. Unstinkable garments feature Polygiene’s odor-control technology that uses natural, recycled silver salts to stop odor-causing bacteria from making a stink.

  • Long-lasting  – Odor control for the lifetime of the garment
  • Wear More. Wash Less® – No stink means fewer washings, more time and longer life of the garment
  • Travel light -Pack fewer clothes and wear them longer
  • Longer lasting gear – without bacterial growth and excessive washing
  • bluesign® approved – A holistic environmental certification with a life-cycle approach
  • Sustainable materials – Made with natural silver salt from recycled silver

Athleta’s Unstinkable Collection features a variety of styles, colors and weights—choose your favorite here!

© Athleta, Tice's Corner. Unstinkable Event, October 24th 2015


Athleta Unstinkable Events

In October 2015, Athleta’s Unstinkable events connected 113 brand stores with Athleta customers for a training workout, raffle and an inside look at Athleta’s new Unstinkable Collection.

Follow Polygiene and your local Athleta store on Twitter to learn more about Unstinkable apparel and find out about events like this in your area!

© Athleta, Southeast. Unstinkable Event, October 24th 2015


Save water, time, energy and money!

Wear More.

Wash Less®

Washing and drying accounts for two thirds of the environmental impact of a product. Polygiene treated textiles do not need to be washed as often, which saves water, energy, time and money as well as improve the lifespan of a product. With Polygiene you can wear more, wash less and be climate smart!

How it works

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Outside Online, Joe Jackson, July 2016, US

Q: Do Anti-Stink Clothing Treatments Really Work?

I worked, exercised, and slept in the same Polygiene shirt for eight days to find out just how well it could fight my BO. The good news: My wife didn’t want to kill me after a week.

Patagonia Capilene® Fore Runner Shirt

A: We all know wool base layers resist stink. Synthetics, on the other hand, get smelly and often need to be laundered after a single use. But Polygiene wants to change that. The Swedish company harvests a silver-salt liquid from recycled electronics that allegedly fights odors. It then applies that solution to preproduction fabric. I wanted to find out if a Polygiene-treated shirt would buy me an extra week of use, so I ran, worked, and
slept in the Patagonia Fore Runner Shirt until my wife demanded I take it off. Now, I showered during the test, but I never washed the shirt, and when it wasn’t on me, the shirt was left balled up in a corner. I should also note that my wife has a high tolerance for stink. (We courted when I was a truck-bound river guide who had ditched deodorant.) When I told her the premise of the review, she responded, “I would never kick you out of bed for smelling bad.” I did my best to prove her wrong.

Field Notes
Day 1: I put on the clean shirt at 10 a.m. and ran 5.6 miles with 1,101 feet of elevation gain in 85-degree heat—while sweating out a high-octane IPA hangover from night before. Later in the day, I slow-cooked aromatic ramen broth for dinner, then went to sleep using the shirt as my pajamas. Result: The shirt went unnoticed by my wife.
Day 2: I wore the shirt over to a friend’s pool party, where he was smoking ribs. I swam most of day without the shirt on and spent some time admiring his ribs and smoking technique. Slept in the shirt. Result: It went unnoticed
Day 3: I worked all day in front of the computer with the
shirt on, then ran 3.1 miles with 693 feet of elevation gain in 70-degree weather. I went to bed with the shirt on, but I took it off when I got too hot. Result: I noticed that the shirt had changed smells, but it didn’t bother me or my wife.
Day 4: Another workday in front of the computer, broken up by a 6.7-mile run with 1,265 feet of elevation gain and temps in the 80s. After my run, the shirt did have a musty smell but didn’t stink of BO. I’d compare it to what a cotton shirt might smell like after two days of normal use (no exercise). Result at bedtime: The shirt went unnoticed.
Day 5: A full day of work and a 5.6-mile run with 1,101 feet of elevation gain and temps in the low 80s. Result: When my wife gave me a hug after coming home from a friend’s house, she paused for a second but didn’t say anything. We went on with our evening, and I wore the shirt to bed.

Day 6: Rest day. I cleaned the house and worked in the yard. Result: I wanted my wife to really smell the shirt, so I took it off and had her take a whiff of the chest and pits. “I don’t mind it. It smells like you,” is her reaction to the chest. “There’s some BO [in the armpits]. I wouldn’t say it smells good, but it certainly isn’t polypoopalene [our nickname for old polypropylene that always smells awful].”
Day 7: A day of computer work with a 3.1-mile run with 785 feet of elevation gain and temps in the high 70s. Result: My wife took another whiff and said the shirt doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell good. She didn’t object to me wearing it in bed.
Day 8: A full day of computer work and a 3.1-mile run with 785 feet elevation gain and temps in the low 70s.

”If you sweat a lot, work out in high temperatures, and don’t want to invest in a lot of shirts, I’d highly recommend a Polygiene-treated product.”

Result: My wife was out of town at a conference, so I took
the smell test. The armpits didn’t reek of BO, but they did smell slightly sour—not enough to bother a running partner but certainly enough to deserve a wash. I’d say the shirt smelled as bad as a non-Polygiene shirt might after one long run. It went into the laundry machine.
The Takeaway
I’m impressed. No one, minus a few hundred thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, really need to go eight days in the same shirt without a wash, but it’s a convenient, energy- and water-saving feature nonetheless. I
appreciated that I got the benefits of a quick-wicking synthetic shirt while running in summer heat and could go a full week without wasting any water on a wash. If you sweat a lot, work out in high temperatures, and don’t want to invest in a lot of shirts, I’d highly recommend a Polygiene-treated product.

Click here to read the full review.

Testimonials, Shannon Fonger, January 2015, US

Capilene® 4 is the thickest of the Capilene fabric line and is designed to keep you dry and warm whilst with the addition of Polygiene® technology you can keep your layers smelling clean. The Pro Zip-Neck has been amazing, in one week I was able to run 4 days in a row, wear it for 3 ski days, and bum around the house. Not one, “Oooh, you stink!” comment was made and over two months I have washed it only a few times.

Patagonia Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck

Pro Zip-Neck has been amazing, in one week I was able to run 4 days in a row in the top, wear it for 3 ski days, and bum around the house before and after these adventures. Not one, “Oooh, you stink!”

For starters, Capilene® is a polyester wicking fiber that is composed of 35% or more recycled content. There are various weights of Capilene®, with Capilene® 4 is the thickest and warmest of the Capilene fabric line, making it perfect for cold weather pursuits. While Polygiene® helps to keep your layers smelling clean. Polygiene® is an anti-bacterial agent that has been incorporated into the garment, which allows you to extend the garments number of wears before washing. Both Polygiene® and Capilene® are bluesign approved, which means they are made in the most eco-friendly industry standards during production.

My husband will tell you, my base layers tend to smell after only one wear. Apparently, I produce a great medium for bacteria to grow and make a top or bottom smell! The Patagonia Women’s Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck has been amazing, in one week I was able to run 4 days in a row in the top, wear it for 3 ski days, and bum around the house before and after these adventures. Not one, “Oooh, you stink!” comment was made. I have had the garment for just over two months and I have washed it only a few times. The idea behind this addition to the garment is to not set records for lack of washing, rather reduce the garments eco-footprint.

Patagonia Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck and Boot Bottoms
I’ve been testing the Patagonia Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck for the past 2 months. I have been wearing the top for just about every outdoor pursuit I can think of. When running, I was comfortable in the top and a light Gore wind jacket in temperatures as low as the teens. While skiing, I have paired the top with my Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket and a shell, and been toasty in the single digits. I am sure the top will come to good use come shoulder and summer seasons as well.

”I have to admit, I have not washed my bottoms for an entire week and you cannot tell at all.”

As detailed above, the Patagonia Women’s Capilene® 4 Pro Boot Bottoms feature Polygiene fabric. I have to admit, I have not washed my bottoms for an entire week and you cannot tell at all. I have skied at the resort, hiked, and cross country skied in them. Plus, I have worn them pre and post adventure. The fabric truly works!

Click here to read the full review.

Win this months product:

POC Fornix

Sweet protection is a fellow Scandinavian company at the forefront of ski/snowboard, whitewater and bike protection and clothing. As innovation, function and the environment is a mutual driver for us both we are happy support Sweet’s mantra to ‘create the best equipment possible’.

POC Fornix


Our new odor-free partner

Sweet protection is a fellow Scandinavian company at the forefront of ski/snowboard, whitewater and bike protection and technical clothing. As innovation, function and the environment is a mutual driver for us both, we are happy to support Sweet’s mantra to ‘create the best equipment possible’.

Sweeter than ever

Sweet Protection and Polygiene have teamed up to provide an odor free experience for much of the mountain bike collection and a wide selection of snow and bike helmets.

”We use Polygiene Technology in most of our helmets and in all bike jerseys because you’ll stay fresh and odourless for a long period of time, over and over again. With Polygiene you definitely don’t have to endure the awful stink coming from polymer fabrics. The fact that it’s a sustainable technology and Bluesign approved is very important to us as well”, says Ståle Möller, head of design.

Polygiene and Sweet protection have been partners for a number of seasons. Although they only started out in Trysil in 2000 and created one of their first helmets with snowboard legend, Terje Håkonsen, Sweet Protection now have a presence all over the globe and are intent on developing their ‘seamless flow of feel and function, distinctive in design and style’.


Ronhill and Hilly
Built by a legend

UK running legend and apparel entrepreneur Dr. Ron Hill has been an Olympic marathoner, set world records in four different running distances, has raced in 100 countries around the world, and didn’t miss a day of running for 50 years. Add a PhD in textile chemistry to that track record, and it’s no wonder that Dr. Hill went on to start two successful global running brands, both of which now feature Polygiene® Odor Control Technology.


Ronhill, which Dr. Hill started in 1970, has been responsible for numerous landmark products and innovations, including the world-famous Trackster® pant, the split-side Freedom short, as well as introducing reflective trim to running apparel, now an industry standard.

Having paved the way for much of the running apparel industry, Dr. Hill started Hilly in 1992, creating an expansive collection of running socks and accessories.

Both have now developed into world-class technical running brands, offering extensive lines of apparel, socks and accessories that continue to innovate and set the industry standard. Polygiene® is proud to partner with both Ronhill and Hilly, adding natural and permanent odor-control to both brands’ products and allowing you to wear more and wash less.

Inspired by founder Ron Hill’s 50-year streak of running every day, Ronhill challenges everyone to #RunEveryDay. Follow along and contribute your own photos and stories on Instagram with the hashtag #RunEveryDay

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Building a sustainable future

Polygiene works closely with many of the leading outdoor brands to deliver on a vision for the environment by using textiles in a more sustainable way, encouraging consumers to wash less and, wherever possible, to recycle Polygiene treated products.

Sitka incorporating Polygiene is game-changing

Teaming up with scent control specialists Polygiene, who provide cutting-edge silver-salt (silver chloride) technology and an almost perfect concept for odor neutralization, is a big development in Sitka’s 2015 range.

Wide Open Spaces got an exclusive look at the Sitka’s CORE Lightweight Crew, Polygiene-treated shirt, “and though we’ve yet to take it on any extended hunts (and truly test the lifespan) so far it has passed with flying colors.” -WideOpenSpaces.Com