Making homes fresh and hygienic – Polygiene® Stays Fresh

Your home is a special and unique place. It is where you create everyday memories and establish roots for your family. It is also where you express your own interior design and style.

Home fabrics and textiles add personality and practicality to everyday living, but they can also provide a home to common allergy and asthma triggers. By using Polygiene you can make sure that your home and textiles are fresh, easy to care for, good for your family and the environment.

Polygiene uses natural silver salt made from recycled silver, a highly effective odor control and freshness agent, to safely inhibit the growth of microbes, bacteria, fungi and house dust mites. Polygiene eliminates the nutrients of house dust mites and therefore the dust mites themselves, which can play a major role in the development of allergies and asthma.

Originally created for use in healthcare and hospital settings Polygiene has been extensively tested and successfully used for many years. In a home environment Polygiene is only active on a fabric or textile surface and is safe next to your skin as tests show that it does not interfere with the skins natural bacterial flora.

Polygiene supports sustainable living and is driven by the belief that the environment is at the center of sustainability. We want to limit the use of resources today to ensure their availability for future generations.

Fabrics stay fresher for longer, so you don’t need to wash them as often, saving water, energy and using less laundry detergent. Not only do you reduce your ecological footprint and gain time but your home textiles will last longer as they are washed less frequently.

Polygiene’s permanent textile treatment is bluesign® approved which means it meets rigorous independent environmental and product life cycle standards. It is also on the Oeko-tex list (I-IV) of independently tested and certified products.

Making homes fresh
and hygienic
Polygiene Odor Control Technology
Longer lasting and fresher
Let Polygiene take care of your textiles in a climate smart way
Permanent freshness,
cleanliness and hygiene
with Polygiene
Easy care textiles and
constant freshness
Polygiene makes life
cleaner and easier



Polygiene treatment ensures you will always dry yourself with a fresh and odor free towel.


Night after night sleep soundly in your fresh and longer lasting sheets.


Wash less and save water, energy, time and money as Polygiene treated tableware stays fresh for longer.


Curtains provide personality, warmth and function in a home, Polygiene provides easy care and constant freshness.


Preventing bacteria, fungi and house dust mites in your upholstery will make your home stay fresh.


Carpets provide a soft and homely feeling, they can also house common allergy and asthma triggers, which can be avoided with Polygiene treatment.


Your home is full of fabrics for everyday living, keep them all fresher for longer with Polygiene.