It’s a standard test for the determination of the antiviral activity of textile products. We have chosen to use this test so that we can provide our partners with reliable general test information which they can use to make professional claims. We briefly describe the procedure of this test regime below.

The procedure

Step 1 – Preparation of virus strains to be used in the test.

Step 2 – Inoculation of the virus to the specimens – Liquid with all virus strains, is put on the fabric to be tested.

Step 3 – Contacting and wash out – rinsing off the fabric after a set time span (which is 2 hours for ISO18184:2019).

Step 4 – Infective titer measurement – cells are exposed to the rinsing liquid from step 3 to evaluate if they get infected.

The result

The result is presented as a reduction of the initial amounts of viruses (from step 2) – In step 2 there are set amounts of viruses that can infect the cells in step 4.

After step 4 we can see how much the initial amounts of viruses have been reduced (how many viruses that have been killed), and have a result shown as a reduction of the initial amounts of viruses.

More information on ISO18184:2019 testing

Please note: If the treatment with ViralOff is performed according to the guidelines and recipe of Polygiene, the treatment is approved, and you have the right to put a hangtag on the product. Everything is OK – no other test is needed.

If a partner wants to test a specific product/textile/application, it will take approximately 4-5 weeks and be done at the partner’s own expense​. Such tests will not make it possible to communicate further claims beyond what we guarantee​. Further testing is optional and not a necessity.

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An ISO18184:2019 test on Influenza A strains shows that a fabric treated with Viraloff® will hold 99% fewer viruses in two hours