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We embed our treatments into hard surfaces and textiles to protect from bacteria and maximize hygiene, so you remain confidently fresh and odor-free.

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We’re in it to win it: award-winning tech with global recognition.

Our cutting-edge technologies are rigorously tested and certified with world-leading test institutes and sustainability organisations. We’re here to make a difference – and we’re proud to show it.

We work in two main areas: freshness and product protection. By preventing odor in textiles, products don’t need to be washed as frequently so they last longer and are better for the environment. On hard surfaces, our tech provides round the clock antimicrobial protection, reducing bacteria and enhancing hygiene.

We’re accredited by bluesign, which promotes consumer safety, low impact manufacturing and responsible use of resources; OekoTex ecopassports which supports responsible manufacturing and supply chains; and we have REACH EU compliance.

We were the overall winner in the 2020 Scandinavian Outdoor Group Awards for ViralOff and Polygiene UK was the winner of the UK Queen’s Award For Innovation in the same year, as well as many other previous awards and commendations.

Yes. Polygiene has undergone extensive sensitivity testing, so there’s no risk from contact with the skin or the mouth. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with naturally occurring bacteria on the skin.

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Sports & Outdoor View partner
“At MP, sustainability is at the forefront of our design process, so we chose to collaborate with Polygiene to ensure product longevity as well as enhancing the performance aspect of our garments.”
Jack Lamont Head of Design, MP Activewear
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Sports & Outdoor View partner
“Our constant endeavour is to level up the collection every season and to stay relevant to the ever-evolving needs of riders. In order to be sustainable and provide the best for the riders, this partnership is a step forward. With reduced washes through Polygiene technology, I definitely feel that we are offering the best to our riders and will continue to make products that enhance the riding experience”
Puneet Sood Head, Apparel Business at Royal Enfield

Give your products built-in superpowers

Join us in our mission to redefine freshness and reimagine protection for a better future for all. Ready to revolutionize your products and make the change from fast consumables to durables? Get in touch!

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With technologies as transformative as ours, it’s no surprise we’re regularly featured in prestigious publications worldwide. Find out more about what’s been said in the press about Polygiene. 

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Polygiene makes products that are more hygienic and smell less – which means they need
less washing and are longer-lasting. Here are just a few of the products we’re in.



Facet 35 Backpack

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The Utility Jacket

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The Malala Dress – Recycled WonderTex

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Throw Blanket


Antibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket

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Men’s SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

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