Polygiene has been around since 2006 and here are some important facts and events as a timeline that shortly tells our history.


Polygiene® acquires Addmaster Holdings Limited, making it a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both hard and soft surfaces.
The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus around the world. Polygiene launches ViralOff antiviral treatment technology.
Odor Crunch wins sustainability award presented by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). High growth in fashion and home textiles. A subsidiary is established in China.
With a revised sales and market strategy, Polygiene expands its capabilities worldwide. Polygiene Odor Crunch technology is launched as a complimentary solution. Increasing interest for Polygiene not just as a consumer benefit, but also as a solution to water shortage and other sustainability challenges.
Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology first in Italian Sinterama Newlife yarn made of 100% recycled polyester. The home Design segment expands with Chinese e-tailers, such as 8H and ZSH.
Listed on Nasdaq First North. Breakthrough in the Footwear segment with Converse in Japan and in the Home Design segment with Evezary and Fogni in South Korea.
Further consumer research helps Polygiene define initiatives to establish leadership within the odor control and stays fresh category for the Lifestyle segment.
Breakthrough in the global sportswear market due to collaboration with Adidas.
Breakthrough in the Sport & Outdoor and Lifestyle segments in the US due to collaboration with Patagonia.
Results from consumer research prompt Polygiene to adapt its business model to better meet the forces driving the market, and consumer demand.
Sport & Outdoor brands approach Polygiene to find a solution to the odor problem.
Polygiene is established. Initial focus on effectively preventing growth of bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces and materials, especially in hospitals and public environments.
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Polygiene Soft Hard 2021
2021 - Polygiene® acquires AddMaster Holdings Limited, making it a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both hard and soft surfaces.
Polygiene ViralOff - History
2020 - As an answer to the Covid-19 pandemic, the antiviral textile treatment Polygiene® ViralOff is launched to meet demands of personal protection and face masks, among other items
In 2018 - Launch of Odor Crunch - sand (silica) and water-based technology as a complimentary solution. Wins the SOG sustainability award 2019
In 2013/2014 - The partnership with Adidas, one of the world’s largest sportswear brand, was a milestone. Photo: Adidas
In 2012 - New partner Patagonia, the benchmark brand for a sustainable and socially responsible company. Photo: Patagonia