Sweat and Odor

“During the physical activity you will sweat and eventually stink.”

All you need to know about sweat

Sweat is a natural response to any physical activity. The cooling and heat dispersing actions of up to 2.6 million sweat glands (20% are located on your feet) in the average human body these are essential to help us perform and keep us comfortable. We can sweat over one liter per hour in warm conditions. Sweat is natural and odorless but when in textile, it creates a moist and warm environment which is ideal for odor-causing bacteria to multiply and grow. The bad odor is released as bacteria break down proteins and fatty acids present in sweat. To stop and reduce odor you need to stop the bacterial growth at the source. Biostatic stays fresh technology does that and it only affects bacteria growing in the fabric, and not the natural bacterial flora of the skin.

How to get rid of odor

We often meet unpleasant odors in our everyday life, like the body odors that are stopped at the source above. But there are also surrounding odors – like cigarette smoke, cooking fumes and other sources of offensive smells, and even with limited exposure, your garment will no longer feel clean and fresh. The odor consists mainly of oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur-containing molecules and these can be captured and broken down. The Odor Crunch stays fresh technology uses the main ingredient in sand, silica particles, modified with a catalyst to attract, crunch and break down these odor molecules.

Fabrics are perfect for bacteria

Bacteria love big surfaces and fabrics provide that. But fortunately, Polygiene sticks very well to fabrics as well. This is how it works:

The small particles of the treatment are trapped by a mechanical binding in all gaps, fiber joints, and holes in the fabric. Thanks to the strong binding forces combined with the big surface provided by the fabric, a big amount of treatment can stick to the fabric. It stays in the fabric permanently in the same way a grass stain stays on a white pair of trousers wash after wash…

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The body’s sweat zones. Did you know that the feet have 20% of the total number of sweat glands on the body?
Polygiene prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria at the source
Fabric provides a big surface with all threads, fiber joints, and gaps, where bacteria can multiply