What to do when you need to wash your Polygiene-treated itemcare

Polygiene technologies help keep clothing and gear fresh for longer, meaning they need to be thrown in the laundry less often. But we understand that sometimes an item just needs to be cleaned. So here are some hints and tips advising you on what to do and what not to do.

Only wash it when absolutely necessary. The fewer times a product is washed, the longer it will last, and the lower its environmental impact will be. To keep the item fresh just hang it up to air dry.

This is OK but it is best to use low amounts of detergent.

We do not recommend using fabric softeners. This is because they provide an excellent source of nutrients for the bacteria that cause the stink.

Any temperature is OK although lower temperatures use less energy. The washing temperature has little impact on the durability of an item, as it is simply the presence of water that has an effect.

For products treated with Polygiene ViralOff™ it is best to hand wash these using soap, rather than machine washing them, as detergents make it easier for viruses, as well as bacteria, to detach from the surface of the material.

It is always better to hang dry an item due to the sustainability benefits, such as saving energy.