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Polygiene is revolutionising freshness and protection worldwide. We’ve got local offices in North and South America, China, India, Germany, the UK and Sweden, and sales representatives in countries all over the world. Need to find out more about how Polygiene technologies can enhance your products? Use the contact form below.

Alternatively, see below for details on our local support offices – get in touch with the person nearest to you. They’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

Sports & Outdoor
Markus Hefter
Global Category Director
+49 1515 187 2818 markus.hefter@polygiene.com
Lifestyle & Fashion
Peter Sjösten
Global Category Director
+46 708 284476 peter.sjosten@polygiene.com
Workwear and Home & Pets
Haymo Strubel
Global Category Director
+49 1712 683 788 haymo.strubel@polygiene.com
Henry Krause
Global Technical Director
+56 930 219 075 henry.krause@polygiene.com
Ada He
Technical Manager, China
+86 133 3876 9777 ada.he@polygiene.com
Technical & Commercial
Vishal Bhandari
Global Director – Technical & Commercial
+91 9811 710 681 vishal.bhandari@polygiene.com
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Sports & Outdoor View partner
“Our constant endeavour is to level up the collection every season and to stay relevant to the ever-evolving needs of riders. In order to be sustainable and provide the best for the riders, this partnership is a step forward. With reduced washes through Polygiene technology, I definitely feel that we are offering the best to our riders and will continue to make products that enhance the riding experience”
Puneet Sood Head, Apparel Business at Royal Enfield

Give your products built-in superpowers

Join us in our mission to redefine freshness and reimagine protection for a better future for all. Ready to revolutionise your products and make the change from fast consumables to durables? Get in touch!


Headquarter in Malmö

Our headquarter is in Malmö, Sweden, but we see ourselves as a small company with a big global reach. Our presence means that we are only a visit, mail, or phone call away. Our order team is ready to process your order no matter where in the world you are located.

+46 (0) 40 26 22 22

Polygiene Group AB
Styrmansgatan 2
SE–211 18 Malmö

Corporate identity No 556692-4287
VAT No SE556692428701