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From looking after our pets and children to creating a cleaner, greener world around us, Polygiene has a wide range of products and additives that reimagine freshness and deliver enhanced product protection from bacteria into the home.

From stopping pet bedding from smelling with Polygiene OdorCrunch to making sure children’s toys and play mats are safe from microbes and keep kitchens more hygienic with Polygiene BioMaster, Polygiene technology can be used in hundreds of different ways to improve life around the home. We can even stimulate your pets’ senses with chew toys impregnated with Polygiene ScentMaster – or make your garbage less smelly with scented bags.

Bedding is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Mattress is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Pet bed is treated with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ and Polygiene StayFresh™

  • Fight bacteria and microbes

    Polygiene is suitable for use in polymers, fabrics, card and paper, and on surfaces, keeping bacteria at bay around the home.

  • Fresher scents

    Combat pet odors at the source with Polygiene OdorCrunch, a safe and practical solution to keeping pet bedding fresher and odor-free.

  • Stimulate pets with Polygiene ScentMaster

    Adding scents to chew toys makes them more engaging and stimulating to pets.

  • Cleaner surfaces around the home

    Polygiene BioMaster is resistant to the high temperatures used in polymer manufacturing, providing protection against bacteria on surfaces, play mats, kitchen equipment and more.

Polygiene in your home…
and in your lifein your home

Our innovative technology has helped hundreds of top brands and pet product suppliers take their consumables to a new level, reimagining freshness and redefining protection for your home.


Fresh smelling home textile with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™ antibacterial technology


Products hygiene enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™

Happy Plugs

With Polygiene Biomaster™ antimicrobial technology to stop the growth of harmful bacteria

Tangle Angel

Antibacterial hair brushes with Polygiene Biomaster™


Fresh smelling home textile with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

The technology

Practical solutions for the modern world

To stop the growth of bacteria and microbes, a huge range of products can have Polygiene BioMaster added to them. Integrated during the manufacturing process, it works for the lifetime of the product and inhibits the growth of bacteria on everything from laminated surfaces and baby changing mats through to wallpaper and fridge interiors. Any hygiene-critical areas can incorporate Polygiene as a defence against bacteria. Any fabrics in the home – from furniture upholstery to dog beds – can be protected with Polygiene OdorCrunch which absorbs odors and keeps textiles fresh. It works best in conjunction with Polygiene StayFresh which stops bacteria growing, further minimising nasty smells and promoting better hygiene. Then there’s Polygiene Verimaster, our anti-counterfeit technology that gives an invisible stamp of authenticity to protect your products and your brand. Finally, to create a more pleasing environment, Polygiene ScentMaster can be incorporated into a wide range of products such as liners to release scents that trick the brain into ignoring those nasty odors from the garbage.

Yes. Polygiene ScentMaster is used successfully in chew toys to increase stimulation and engagement, and is perfectly safe as it’s integrated into the internal polymer structure of the toy and won’t leach. Other products such as Polygiene OdorCrunch can be used in the manufacture of bedding to keep that ‘wet dog’ or musty pet odor at bay. It can also be used in fabrics and furnishings to prevent lingering pet smells. It has been extensively tested and is shown to be pet-safe.

Yes. Polygiene additives can be incorporated into any part of the production process. And because they’re available in masterbatch, powder and liquid form, they can be applied to almost any type of polymer, coating or material. Polygiene BioMaster™ delivers exceptional and invisible protection 24/7 and can be used particularly effectively in conjunction with other cleaning products.

Sustainability built-in products

Fitted Sheet

Owl + Lark

O+L Deep Fitted Sheet in Eucalyptus Silk

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Pet Brush

Tangle Angel

RE:BORN Pet Angel brush

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Cotton Towel


Antibacterial Skagen Towel

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Nappy Disposal Bin

Tommee Tippee

Twist & Click Starter Set

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Toilet Brush


Floor Standing Antimicrobial Dip-San® Hygienic Toilet Brush

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“We selected Polygiene for the extensive expertise that was apparent from data supplied and the individuals we worked with. We had full confidence in Polygiene, and they worked with us to ensure that the antibacterial solution supplied would pass the additional rigorous testing we needed to undertake. We needed to ensure that there would be no detrimental effects to individuals applying our coated compresses to their eyes whilst still offering the reassurance of an effective antibacterial on the product. This was a 3 months long test which we passed successfully”
Sue Grant Founder of Body Doctor
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“Here at Gardman, we feel that it’s important to help protect our UK garden bird population. Our wide range of food and feeding products help to attract wild birds into our gardens and we want them to keep coming back! That’s why we feel the need to incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial technology into our range of durable Black Steel Feeders and our Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Feeders.”
Kirk Rothwell Brand Manager, Gardman
Haymo Strubel
Global Category Director
+49 1712 683 788 haymo.strubel@polygiene.com

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Hundreds of Home & Pets products are already embedded with Polygiene technologies, helping to create a more sustainable future – are you in?

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