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From looking after our pets and children to creating a cleaner, greener world around us, Polygiene has a wide range of products and additives that reimagine freshness and deliver enhanced product protection from environmental smells and odor-causing bacteria in the home.

Polygiene StayFresh™ – our antibacterial technology for homeware products – prevents bacterial growth and keeps fabrics odor-free. It is an equally valuable addition to pet products. Polygiene OdorCrunch™ – an innovative odor-control solution that tackles environmental odors, such as cooking smells and smoke – eliminates the molecules responsible for bad smells.

Both technologies work to keep homes fresh and odor-free for a more comfortable, healthier and easier life. Odor-free textiles mean less washing for consumers, saving them time and money, while also reducing resource consumption. As a result, our technologies can help homeware and pet brands ensure their products are more sustainable.

Bedding is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Mattress is treated with Polygiene StayFresh™

Pet bed is treated with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ and Polygiene StayFresh™

  • Wear More, Wash Less

    Polygiene technology eliminates odors at the source, reducing washing requirements and saving energy, water, money and time.

  • Life-long protection

    Because Polygiene technology is integrated into textiles during manufacturing, it protects textiles for their entire lifespan.

  • Longer-lasting products

    At the same time, Polygiene technology extends product lifespan by reducing the damage done by frequent machine washing.

  • Transition from consumables to durables

    Longer-lasting products don’t need replacing as often, making them more sustainable and better for the planet.

Polygiene in your home…
and in your lifein your home

Our innovative antibacterial technology for home and pet products has helped hundreds of top brands and pet product manufacturers improve their value proposition for consumers, reimagining freshness and redefining odor protection in the process.


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™ antibacterial technology


Products hygiene enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™


Fresh smelling home textile with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

Owl + Lark

Fresh smelling home textile with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Fresh smelling home textile with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Products hygiene enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™

Black Lab

Dog beds with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

The technology

Practical solutions for the modern world

You can protect any fabrics in the home – from furniture upholstery to dog beds – with Polygiene OdorCrunch and Polygiene StayFresh. For ultimate protection, these two solutions can be used in conjunction, protecting textiles from both bacterial and environmental odors.

Yes. Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch have been tested extensively and are entirely pet-safe. Polygiene OdorCrunch is fantastic in pet bedding to keep those ‘wet dog’ and musty pet smells at bay. Likewise, Polygiene StayFresh is fantastic for pet products that could harbor odor-causing bacteria.

Polygiene StayFresh utilizes silver ion technology to prevent bacterial growth. It achieves this in three distinct ways. It interferes with cell membranes, inhibits enzyme activity to hamper energy production and disrupts cellular replication.

Polygiene OdorCrunch is a silica-based technology. It uses natural silica particles to capture molecules that cling to fabric fibers. These are typically oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, the elements that create bad odors. Having absorbed the odor-causing molecules, the silica breaks them down, eradicating the smell.

Both technologies leverage substances with natural anti-odor properties and refine them to increase potency. They are rigorously tested and entirely safe for use in home and pet products.

Sustainability built-in products

Throw Blanket


Antibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket

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Pet Brush

Tangle Angel

RE:BORN Pet Angel brush

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Fitted Sheet

Owl + Lark

O+L Deep Fitted Sheet in Eucalyptus Silk

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Cotton Towel


Antibacterial Skagen Towel

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Dog Bed

Black Lab

Trailblazer – Tough Travel Dog Bed

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“We selected Polygiene for the extensive expertise that was apparent from data supplied and the individuals we worked with. We had full confidence in Polygiene, and they worked with us to ensure that the antibacterial solution supplied would pass the additional rigorous testing we needed to undertake. We needed to ensure that there would be no detrimental effects to individuals applying our coated compresses to their eyes whilst still offering the reassurance of an effective antibacterial on the product. This was a 3 months long test which we passed successfully”
Sue Grant Founder of Body Doctor
Haymo Strubel
Global Category Director
+49 1712 683 788 haymo.strubel@polygiene.com

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Hundreds of Home & Pets products are already embedded with Polygiene technologies, helping to create a more sustainable future – are you in?

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