Hug me, I’m stink free!

Designed for active fitness enthusiasts who care about the environment, Dcore’s new line of active fitness apparel treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology solves a problem that all gym-goers are familiar with—smelly gym clothes. In addition to protecting against the growth of odor-causing bacteria, Polygiene allows you to cut down on excessive washings, saving you electricity, water and wear and tear on textiles.

In celebration of its new line of Polygeine treated apparel, Dcore has also launched its Hug Me campaign, which is designed to encourage personal interaction at the gym without fear of unpleasant odors.

“Our Hug Me campaign puts a positive spin on an touchy subject and makes it easy to talk about how to stay fresh in the gym,” says Dcore’s CEO Adam Tell. “Treating Dcore clothing with Polygiene Odor Control Technology reduces the environmental impact of the clothing that consumers buy in two ways: washing clothing too often and discarding the garments before clothing reaches the end of its useful life.”

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