Polygiene treatment maintains your suits freshness so you don’t need to dry clean as often, saving time and money and increasing the lifespan of your suit.


Shirts treated with Polygiene can be worn more and washed less so you can pack light and be climate smart.


Jeans are unique and shape with each owner. Polygiene treatment reduces the need for washing which keeps your jeans unique for longer.


Polygiene provides garments worn next to the skin with confidence inspiring odor control and freshness.


It's no secret that shoes and socks can smell but they will stay fresh and last longer with Polygiene.


Polygiene treated luggage will ensure that only freshness rubs off on your packed garments.


A collection of essential items that will stay fresh and impeccable with Polygiene.

Four meetings in two days and only one shirt

Polygiene gives you the option of packing and travelling light as clothes will not develop an odor, no matter how many flights or meetings you are running to catch.

Climate-smart and eco-friendly, Polygiene will make your wardrobe fresher and last longer. Less washing or dry cleaning is required so you can travel lighter and reduce your ecological footprint.

Work and play in the same outfit!

Whatever you wear and do Polygiene will give you odor free confidence and freshness to focus on the things that really matter. Polygiene treated textiles do not need to be washed as often, which saves water, energy, time and money as well as increase the lifespan of a product.

With Polygiene you can have fresh all day confidence, wear more, wash less and be climate smart!