Meet Atunas, the brand for outdoor enthusiasts exploring beautiful Taiwan

Founded in 1975, Sun Own grew quickly to become one of the world’s leading EVA outdoor sports product manufacturers. From this basis, Sun Own embarked in 1984 toward attaining its next major milestone, to build its own “ATUNAS” brand, focusing on outdoor & travel products and the Taiwan distribution of various internationally leading outdoor brands. Over the course of this time, we have grown steadily to become one of Taiwan’s leading manufactures and its most well-known outdoor apparel & equipment brand of all time.

Between our own Atunas brand and distributed brand products, we offer a wide range of functional, fitness, hiking, leisure/travel, bicycle and water sports apparel & equipment products. With our Atunas Mountain Leisure Village which is located by Taiwan’s idyllic Chiayi Tsengwen Reservoir area, we take pride in our position as Taiwan’s premier full spectrum outdoor leisure brand.

Inspired by our ecological philosophy and mission of climbing both Taiwan and the world’s highest mountain peaks, we have actively promoted a number of long-term campaigns to further this mission. One of these is our 2008-initiated Leave No Trace campaign which encourages Taiwan’s citizenry not only to explore the great outdoors, but also to correctly interact with and fully experience the beauty and joys of nature. Among this campaign’s major achievements has been an impressive Taiwan 100th anniversary celebration event in 2011, with more than 40,000 participants taking part to attain the Guinness World Record for the most people climbing numerous mountains at the same time. Eagerly building bridges between Taiwan and the world, we have also invested around 1 million USD between 2006 and 2009 to initiate a Seven Summits Expedition Project to achieve the goal of further elevating Taiwan’s climbing horizons to new heights.

With our 42 year long history as one of Taiwan’s foremost apparel & equipment brands, we have grown to operate an extensive distribution network to service our consumers. Through our brick and mortar network, we are able to comprehensively and deeply shape the lives of our customers, while also cultivating solid relationships with many outdoor-oriented groups and organizations. From brick and mortar to virtual distribution channels, our products have an extremely high contact velocity with Taiwan’s consumers.

With over 300 distribution points and 70 domestic stores and on-line shops in Taiwan, our brand targets a primarily 40-55 year old, 1:1 male/female demographic.

As explorers of nature, we actively promote outdoor activities in Taiwan and abroad, providing our outdoor customers with the best available functional clothing and equipment. We hope to enable even more people to discover the great outdoors and nature, and thereby further enjoy their leisure time and to be inspired by the joyful splendor of nature.

We came to the conclusion after an internal assessment that Polygiene’s excellent function and performance would be a particularly strong added benefit for our functional clothing customers. Also, garments treated with Polygiene can be used several times before washing, so this will allow the consumer to save time, water and energy as well as to extend the life of their products. Additionally, Polygiene also stood out on the basis of its ecological credentials which mirror our own prolonged ecological emphasis. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to share Polygiene with our customers by applying it to our base vests, mid layer vests, pants and accessories (over-sleeves, gloves and socks).

With our slogan of ‘Atunas, a good partner for outdoor living’, we actively promote the values of environmentalism and love for the planet, constantly applying our actions to make the world a more happy and beautiful place. Polygiene’s Wear More. Wash Less® campaign promotes saving time, water and energy with fewer washes. The garments will also last longer with fewer washes and less bacterial growth.