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Zippsafe locker system

Reimagining Employee Locker Storage – Zippsafe’s Game-Changing Space Saver

For more than seven years, Zippsafe has developed innovative locker solutions for companies willing to think differently about employee storage. A Swiss-based organization that identified an opportunity to shake up traditional locker design and deliver a space-efficient, user-friendly, hygienic, and digital textile-based alternative. It has gone from strength to strength, fostering a loyal customer base in industries as diverse as healthcare, hospitality, food, and manufacturing.

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White sustainable bedding

A Complete Guide to Sustainable Bedding – Reduce Your Environmental Impact    

The growing demand for eco-friendly bedding reflects a shift in consumer behavior and a preference for more sustainable textiles and fabrics. Today, consumers can access more detailed information and understand the impact of their shopping habits and purchasing decisions on the planet around us.

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Sustainable Fabrics & Textile Technologies – Reducing Impact on the Environment

Sustainability in fashion and textiles is becoming an increasingly prominent issue, and more consumers are now educating themselves on the environmental impact of their choices and actively seeking sustainable textiles. Facing a potentially catastrophic ecological crisis but empowered by improved access to information and the emergence of more sustainable fabrics and textile technologies, consumers are turning to brands that adopt an eco-friendlier approach.

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Polygiene Technologies can reduce environmental impact by one third

Did you know that washing your clothes less frequently can significantly reduce your environmental impact? According to a life cycle assessment conducted by Polygiene, the global leader in antimicrobial and stay fresh technologies, you can decrease your carbon footprint by one-third simply by cutting back on laundry. By adopting this simple habit, you can be a part of the solution to environmental sustainability and contribute to a healthier planet.

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