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How to Get Bad Odors Out of a Mattress – 9 Solutions

Whether you have a lovely new mattress or an old favorite, you will want to keep it smelling fresh and free from bad odors. A smelly mattress dramatically impacts how well you sleep and how much you enjoy resting, relaxing, and recuperating in bed. As such, it pays to ensure you take a proactive approach to preventing foul odors and remove unpleasant smells as soon as they appear.

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Florian Neuschwander running in the mountains

Neuschwander’s Run WTF: “Boutique fashion for the subculture”

Ultratrail runner Flo Neuschwander can not only run fast and far - he also knows a thing or two about having the right gear. At the beginning of November 23, the German world record holder, and his wife Constanze launched their new running clothing brand RUN WTF. Polygiene sat down with the two and they told us why RUN WTF was urgently needed, what Florian Neuschwander's goals are with the new brand and what makes RUN WTF so special.

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Man training in garage gym

Elevate Your Training with the MTNTOUGH Fitness App and Polygiene Freshness™ Technology

Training for the mountains requires a unique blend of strength, endurance, and mental toughness. It's about more than just physical fitness; it's about preparing yourself for the ruggedness and unpredictability of mountain terrain. This is where the MTNTOUGH Fitness App excels, offering athletes a comprehensive training program that is specifically designed to prepare them for the challenges of the mountains. And with the added benefit of Polygiene Freshness™ technology, athletes can stay fresh and focused on their training, without worrying about odors or laundry.

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People with base layers

What is Are Base Layers? Everything You Need to Know

Base layers are an essential piece of outdoor and sporting apparel that helps you stay comfortable during exercise or in challenging conditions. They regularly incorporate the latest textile technology, such as anti-odor protection from Polygiene StayFresh™, and come in an almost endless array of designs. With this in mind, we created a comprehensive guide to base layers that covers when to use them, types of materials, what technology to look out for, and why they are so effective.

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