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Quick Guide to Bedding Fabrics: Which Is the Best for You?

When searching for new bedding, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Should I opt for flat or fitted? What thread count do I need? How long will my new sheets last? The questions keep on coming.

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ISPO Collab Club Testing Shows Montane x Polygiene Is a Match Made in Heaven

As part of its commitment to product innovation and its desire to maximize performance and provide customers with high-quality products, Polygiene® regularly participates in customer-focused product testing initiatives. Most recently, alongside outdoor clothing specialists Montane, it submitted the Montane Dart Base Layer for testing by the ISPO Collaborators Club.

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Prioritising Sustainability in Sport – TSV Trudering Club’s Inspiring Eco Initiative

Alongside promotional product specialists Kingly, Polygiene® recently distributed 560 towels to the children of the TSV Trudering sports club. Every towel featured our innovative Polygiene StayFresh™ odor-control solution, so they can be washed less frequently, reducing the amount of water and energy families consume.

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Meeting Mountain People – The philosophy behind Maloja’s 2023 Collection and Insights from the Head of Product Development at Maloja

“From a certain height on the mountain, there are no more social differences. It doesn‘t matter what your background is, how much money you have, or what you‘ve done in your life. Everyone is equal.” — Peter Räuber, CEO and Maloja-Co-Founder

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