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9 Fabric Technologies That Are Revolutionizing the Textiles Industry

While the textiles industry has always emphasized innovation, the last few years have seen the sector embrace innovative technologies like never before. Partially driven by environmental concerns, this emphasis on new textile technologies is changing the way we conceive of fabric manufacturing and providing consumers with greater choice and the ability to consume textile products in a way that reflects and accommodates their personal values.

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Black Lab Brands dog bed with a brown dog

Elevating Pet Comfort and Hygiene: Black Lab Brands Partners with Polygiene

Redefining pet products through stand-out design and innovative tech On...

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14 Textile Technology Trends That Are Changing the Textile Industry for the Better

At Polygiene, we believe innovation and technological development are of the utmost importance if we are to create a better world. We want the textile industry to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. But we also want it to thrive. Crucially, technology enables the technology sector to do both.

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A Close Look at Sustainability in the Fashion Industry – 9 Ways Fashion Brands Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable fashion is a phrase that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It’s something every fashion brand is concerned with and an idea that consumers are more and more interested in. Historically, the fashion industry has not had a good sustainability track record. But things are starting to change and there are plenty of measures businesses can adopt to make them more environmentally friendly and better placed to take advantage of the growing sustainable fashion market.

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