Antibacterial shower system cleans up at Healthcare Awards

A new showerhead system incorporating bug-busting Biomaster technology has won the Best Product for Enhancing Infection Prevention category at the Building Better Healthcare Awards 2014.

Multishower GB Ltd, founded in 2008, won the award with their patented Medi-Shower system. This anti-microbial showering system is designed specifically for healthcare facilities and incorporates Biomaster antimicrobial technology to cut the risk of the growth and spread of harmful bacteria.

Medi-Shower has Biomaster silver ion technology built into both the showerhead and hose and is proven to reduce harmful bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Legionella and MRSA by up to 99.99%. This additive will remain active for the lifetime of the product.

The shower system also features a custom built hose incorporating a Biomaster-treated NeuVend SI flexible hose liner developed by Colex International. This market leading, WRAS approved hose is suitable for use in all potable water supply applications especially where the antimicrobial properties are critical, including hospitals, dental clinics, nursing and care homes.

Multishower GB Ltd. director Christie Allen explained, “the Medi-Shower system was designed to tackle the challenge of bacterial growth and bio-film build up in showers.

The use of silver ion technology is coupled with our patented Quattro Spray insert. This is an anti-bacterial, replaceable insert engineered to prevent bio-film build up; the bio-film simply passes through as part of a regular flushing regime.

The inserts are colour coded to be replaced in line with quarterly cleaning regimes. They can then be returned to us for recycling, extending the life cycle of Medi-Shower, keeping maintenance costs down and dramatically reducing the cost of a replacement shower head.”

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