Biocide product regulation update

The new Biocide Product Regulation (EU) 528.2012 that comes into force in September 2013 replaces the Biocide Product Directive 98/8/EC (BPD).

The new regulation is being put in place to harmonise the legal requirements of biocidal products across Europe. This will improve the quality of antimicrobial products available in Europe and also stop unfounded efficacy claims.

We are currently writing to all of our Biomaster customers to confirm that our antimicrobial additives used in your products meet the requirements of the new regulation and you will experience a smooth transition.

As a Biomaster customer there are no actions for you to take at this time, we will contact you all soon and assess all product claims and literature changes that may be required for compliance moving forwards with the new regulation. If you would like a personal copy via email please contact

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