Biomaster invited to Houses of Parliament

After winning the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2011 the Biomaster team were invited to the Houses of Parliament by Stafford Conservative MP Jeremy Lefroy.

Upon arrival the Biomaster team were taken on a guided tour before being invited to sit in on the Health and Social Care Bill being debated in the House of Lords. The team then had time to sit down with Jeremy and discuss his role in Parliament, the Queen’s Award and the future for Biomaster.

Jeremy has a keen interest in international trade and lived and worked in Tanzania for 11 years. Since being elected into Parliament Jeremy has been active in stimulating enterprise in the African states both locally and through networks in the UK.

According to Biomaster Marketing Manager Adrian Dimberline, “Jeremy has a real passion for building trade with foreign countries using British manufactured goods. This not only stimulates the British economy and opens up more trade in un-tapped global markets, it is also a major part in helping developing countries set up their own infrastructure and build critical facilities like school and hospitals.”

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