Biomaster TD100 receives EPA approval

EPA registration has been granted for the silver-based additive, which is supplied by Addmaster (UK) Ltd. under the product description Biomaster TD100.

This application covers for use in fibres and textiles at addition levels of up to 5000 ppm.

Application areas include:napkins; wiping cloths; mops; towels; bags; brush bristles; filters; sponges; packaging including bags, sacks, wraps, cushion and absorbent materials, containers; conveyor belts (non-food contact); apparel; commercial and industrial wipes and fabrics; mattress cover pads and filling; pillow covers; sheets; blankets; fiberfill for quilts and pillows; curtains; draperies; carpet and carpet underlay; rugs; upholstery; wall covering fabrics; cushion pads; sleeping bags; automotive and truck upholstery; carpeting; rear decks; trunk liners; convertible tops; interior liners; umbrellas; outerwear; apparel; sportswear; sleepwear; trim for outerwear and garments; stockings; socks; hosiery; caps; undergarments; inner liners for jackets; shoes; gloves and helmets; curtains, draperies, upholstery, wall covering fabrics, artificial leather; book covers; sails; ropes; tents and other outdoor equipment; tarpaulins, awnings. Future Plans:

This registration is now being extended over the next 4 – 9 months to cover all additional applications.

Biomaster is a registered trademark of Addmaster, based in Stafford UK. Addmaster is Europe’s leading supplier of performance additives for a wide range of applications and industries. By working in partnership with its customers and focussing on research and development, highly innovative additives have been created and successfully introduced into many manufacturing environments. Addmaster’s advanced products are being used by many of the world’s industry leaders in the plastics, paper, paint, textile and coating industries. Addmaster, founded in the year 2000, sees its major objective as capitalising on the lack of innovation that exists in these industry sectors, and has won many business awards for innovations in product development and marketing.

8 October 2007

World’s first Biomaster/Verimaster treated fabric


Addmaster proudly unveils another world first – a fabric treated with Biomaster and our Verimaster Security additive.

The first polyester textile treated with Biomaster and Verimaster is designed for use in care home furnishings. The Biomaster antimicrobial additive will stop the growth of bacteria and fungi on the textile, while the Verimaster Security agent proves that Biomaster has been added.

With many fabrics and products produced and treated in overseas factories far away from the main office headquarters, quality control can sometimes not be a stringent as it would on home ground. Verimaster adds covert quality control to your additive, guaranteeing that you receive the genuine product when it leaves the factory.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.