Bytec Medical partners with Addmaster (UK) Ltd to develop new products

BYTEC Systems has partnered with Addmaster (UK) Ltd to develop of New Medi-Key™ and SmartCart™ Product Ranges with Biomaster antimicrobial protection.

Amongst the new line up of products which Bytec medical has brought to the market this Spring are the Medi-Key™ wireless USB keyboard and the SmartCart™ mobile computing platform, designed with infection control as a prime objective.

Both products have been designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected; however in partnership Bytec Medi-Key™ Wireless USB Keyboard with Biomaster, they have incorporated the latest in silver ion antimicrobial technology to provide the highest level of cross contamination protection available on the market today. With initial sales of the Medi-Key™ reassuringly strong there is a real buzz exciting healthcare professionals in a number of hospital areas from operating theater to general administration.

With the issue of ‘cross contamination through the sharing of workplace equipment’ ever present in today’s news, Bytec Medical has tackled the problem head on by designing a wireless keyboard and track pad which is easy to use, easy to clean and offers the functionality medical professionals have been asking for.

Latex free rubber keys which collapse flat for effortless cleaning offer no grooves or gaps where spills, dust and germs can collect; a regular cleaning regime provides the primary method for infection control, with the Medi-Key highlighting when the keyboard is due to be disinfected. The use of Addmaster’s range of Biomaster additives in both the keyboard surfaces and in the plastic provide the secondary defence to bacteria control, and our products have been verified by an independent laboratory.

With a wireless battery life of over 6 hours the Medi-Key™ offers flexibility to the user, and is recharged through an innovative docking system connected to the computer’s USB port.

Where consoles, keyboards and other common Human Computer interfaces are used around the clock by teams of clinicians the opportunity for infection to pass from one person to many is great.

The SmartCart™ is designed to provide a mobile power solution and computing platform in a convenient and robust chassis. With up to 9hrs battery runtime the SmartCart™ will power an on-board PC, has mounting options for up to 2 displays and has a motorised height adjustable work surface. All painted surfaces incorporate Addmaster’s BioMaster additive; an essential measure for infection control on a large device designed to be regularly moved and used by multiple operators.

There is a growing awareness at the highest level of the failure to take action and implement controls against the spread of infection within hospitals and other healthcare areas. Department heads are appreciating the efforts Bytec Medical has taken to provide products that are not just functional, but also fit for purpose within a medical environment, offering the highest level of cleanability, supported by silver ion technology provided in partnership with Addmaster.

Bytec Medical’s objective is to provide the right IT tools for medical professionals while remembering, through the use of innovative designs and technologies, the equal importance of protecting the health of those people we are serving.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.