Clean room furniture with Biomaster technology

One of the world’s leading specialists in cleanroom design and manufacture has developed a new hygienic furniture range in collaboration with Biomaster partner Sealwise.

Contamination control experts Connect 2 Cleanrooms provides integrated cleanroom solutions for over 6,000 customers worldwide. 

Sealwise waterproof construction board (WCB) is a unique antimicrobial sheet material with a foam core of closed cell PVCU with an outer skin of solid PVC. Both layers are chemical resistant and impervious to liquid.

WCB was developed for areas where the threat of contamination is continuous and has inbuilt Biomaster technology to protect against microbial surface contamination. 

Sam Armer, Connect 2 Sealrooms Product & Process Development Manager explains: “Our collaboration with Sealwise has been exciting as their WCB has been specifically developed for areas where the threat of contamination is continuous. 

Together we have produced a range of tables, step over benches, lockers and storage solutions that cleanroom users need. The durability of these products will mean they offer a cost-effective solution, offering value for money and reducing risk in cleanrooms.”

The furniture is available exclusively through Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ online shop and can be used for gowning area fit-outs and workstations. Options include bright, white finish and colour coding with teal or bespoke colour trims.

Furniture made from WCB is ideal for use in cleanrooms as it can be kept hygienically clean for the lifetime of the product. Joints are fully sealed leaving no places for contamination to build up.

Sealwise WCB has a smooth surface which won’t suffer from degrading or pitting over time. Biomaster technology technology provides a permanent antimicrobial barrier that lasts for the  lifetime of the product.

With growing pressure to consider the environmental impact of operations, Sealwise furniture offers a sustainable choice as it is environmentally friendly both at purchase and the end of its life.

It is produced in part using recycled PVC from known, safe sources and is fully recyclable. This construction is extremely durable but lightweight, so it is simple and safe to reconfigure floorplan layouts to improve process flow as required.

 For more information visit the Sealwise and Connect 2 Cleanroom websites.

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