Clinical Evaluation of Products Containing Biomaster ® Antimicrobial Technology

An innovative partnership between Addmaster ® (UK) Ltd, the inventors of Biomaster® Antimicrobial Technology and CAAMIC is to provide Addmaster clients with a unique opportunity to test their products in a ‘real life’ clinical setting.

CAAMIC, hosted by the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT) in Birmingham, exists to evaluate products for infection control, providing a bridge between innovators and the NHS.

Biomaster, with its silver based antimicrobial properties, is already a component of a wide range of products and applications used within the NHS. The Addmaster client list in this field includes manufacturers of wall paint, fabrics and work surfaces as well as numerous products created especially for the NHS, such as bed curtains, case note folders and door handles.

“Very few infection related products that are offered to the NHS have undergone robust clinical evaluation,” comments Bethan Bishop, Programme Director for CAAMIC and Head of Research and Innovation for HEFT. “This makes it difficult for the NHS to judge the real benefit of using silver to help reduce hospital acquired infections.”

Now Addmaster can offer their clients an opportunity to take advantage of their unique collaboration with CAAMIC. From February 22nd 2011, CAAMIC will work with Addmaster to provide the data that will enable the clinical efficacy of Biomaster to be assessed. Throughout the duration of the product evaluation, CAAMIC scientists will monitor bacterial levels on surfaces protected by Biomaster. The duration of the product trials will vary.

“This collaboration will enable the evaluation of Biomaster to be undertaken to NHS standards and protocols,” explains Vicki Ensor, CAAMIC project manager. “The information derived from these trials will provide robust clinical data of antimicrobial properties which can be taken on and used elsewhere both by NHS and companies involved”.

“Any healthcare-related products which contain Biomaster will be considered for these evaluations,” says Paul Morris, Managing Director of Addmaster. “By working with the expert CAAMIC team, we are creating a unique opportunity for our product owner and, of course, ourselves to obtain meaningful and authoritative clinical data into the efficacy of Biomaster. We are also delighted to support these clinical studies which could help our NHS, in its continued fight against hospital acquired infection.”

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.