Cooler bags sales boost in South Africa

Having already won a host of new orders from supermarkets in Britain and Europe, the award-winning antibacterial 'bag for life' is now selling in stores on the African continent. The bags have been launched exclusively with a premium retailer in South Africa.

The inner surface of the bag is treated with technology that helps protect the surface from growth of harmful bacteria.

When bacteria come into contact with a Biomaster® protected surface, the antimicrobial active ingredient inhibits their growth, therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The bags are manufactured by Biomaster partners Solent Group. Solent is a leading manufacturer of PP woven, non woven, recycled PET, insulated, cotton and jute material re-usable bags, specialising in bespoke bag styles and designs.

Solent supplies reusable bags for supermarkets worldwide. The antibacterial bag for life is on sale in a range of formats in leading UK stores.

Fernando Swartz, Head of Product Development at Solent Group says “We were very excited to launch this innovation in cooler bags with our South African retailer partner.”

For more information about Solent Group visit the company website.

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