Dr Lisa Ackerley forms partnership with Biomaster

BBC TV hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley has joined forces with Addmaster, the innovative hygiene products company, to help provide a unique service for clients searching for the ultimate in anti-bacterial working conditions.

Dr Ackerley, who has become one of the UK’s leading food safety experts and a household name through her fearless and honest exposes of public hygiene issues in the media (Watchdog, Rogue Restaurants, Secret Tourist), will provide swabbing and testing services to highlight areas that could benefit from a safer environment. These services can be provided for both client employees as well as customers in fields as diverse as food display and preparation, domestic products and ‘hot desking’ hygiene.

Paul Morris, the managing director of Addmaster, who has been working with Lisa on individual projects since 2008, believes that Lisa will provide increased authority to and awareness of his anti-microbial products.

“I have been very impressed with Lisa’s continued and genuine determination to be totally honest with both clients and the consumer,” says Paul. “She has the authority and technical experience in the food hygiene industry to be able to add credibility to, and heighten awareness of, our range of unique and world class antibacterial products.”

Lisa and Paul are especially focused on bringing the company’s Biomaster range to the attention of the food industry. Biomaster, a system of adding permanent properties to products such as work surfaces, wall paint and washing powder, is ideally suited to the food industry.

“Food preparation and display areas are key examples of where Biomaster could greatly improve standard hygienic practices,” says Paul. “Biomaster is a bio-static, so it prevents the re-growth of low level bacteria after washing, and it could easily be could be impregnated onto food work surfaces, walls and display areas.”

Early projects for Dr Ackerley will be to highlight the hygiene of food service counters, food preparation walls, call centres and domestic laundry.

Lisa says: “Together with Addmaster I am looking forward to developing the use of this exciting technology in conjunction with normal good hygiene practices to help in the task of pushing back the boundaries of hygiene and creating opportunities for the British food industry to become world leaders in this vital arena.”

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.