Gardman launch Feedsafe Range with Biomaster Protection

An innovative new range of bird feeders is set to revolutionise hygiene in UK gardens and help prevent garden birds being affected by bacterial infections.

With backing from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), garden specialists Gardman has just launched a new premium range of feeder products containing bacterial protection technology.

The ‘Feedsafe’ stay-clean biocidal coating, supplied by Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology, prevents the build up of harmful microbes and helps prevent transmission of bacteria such as salmonella, trichomonosis, aspergillosis, escherichia coli and coliform, which have all been linked to poor hygiene at bird feeders. BTO’s Jeff Baker says: “It is important to provide clean garden bird feeding stations and this new range of feeders will help to do just that.”

As well as incorporating the ‘Feedsafe’ stay-clean biocidal coating, the new Gardman feeder range includes models for seeds, peanuts, fat snacks and suet feasts, all of which easily come apart for cleaning.

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