Introducing Biomaster sheet

Addmaster (UK) Ltd. and Euregio Services have agreed upon a strategic alliance and trademark license agreement covering the development as well as the marketing and sales activities for new Biomaster sheet developed by Euregio Services.

The new sheet material is available worldwide exclusively from Euregio Plastics. Biomaster additive has been in the market for some time, but sheet sold under the Biomaster trademark has not been available until now.

Under the terms of the agreement, Euregio Services, Europe’s leading consultant in plastics sheet development, will hold the exclusive right to produce and market Biomaster sheet products. Biomaster sheet will be available through Euregio Services’ international consultancy network, enabling customers throughout Europe to deal with local contacts.

This strategic alliance will bring higher innovation throughout the value chain. Based on proven technical competence of the two partners, developments are already underway to bring Biomaster sheet to the market, aimed at specific applications in key market segments, such as blister packaging, medical containers, thermoformed food containers, baby cribs, prostheses, wall cladding, ceiling panels, baths & shower enclosures (for disabled people), Jacuzzis, point-of-purchase, and signs. Other benefits include greater technical competence through a formal sharing of know-how and the ability to develop application-specific grades for selected market segments.

Commenting on the alliance, Euregio Services Managing Director, John Kerckhoffs, said: “Biomaster sheet is a first efficient step in fighting MRSA on the European continent and will be pursued worldwide. Biomaster sheet enables us to provide more and better solutions to our customers in the fight against MRSA and other bacteria.” He added: “Our focus on developing plastic sheet niche applications, defining new markets, and turning out products that are the best in their class can only be significantly strengthened through this alliance with Addmaster (UK) Ltd.”

Speaking for Addmaster (UK) Ltd., Managing Director Paul Morris said: “Thanks to Euregio Services’ position as a leading consultant in developing plastic sheet products, we feel confident that the market reach for BioMaster sheet will be greatly enhanced. We look forward to jointly developing and marketing Biomaster sheet with Euregio Services and are certain that this co-operation will be beneficial to the market”

Biomaster sheet can be readily developed and is available as solid or multiwall sheet. It can be extruded from commodity resins as well as from the more exotic engineering polymers.

Biomaster sheet is an excellent material to address the needs of brand owners, designers and fabricators alike: it will give brand owners access to superior promotion materials by offering a clearer, better and longer lasting image. Designers benefit from the high quality image and tremendous anti-microbial performance, whilst fabricators will enjoy the product’s fabrication characteristics as known from the base polymer sheet. Furthermore, its overall anti-microbial performance (effective against more than 50 types of bacteria) will ensure that the image will keep working longer – and thus be more effective.

Euregio Services ( offer plastic product development, specialising in anti-microbial sheet, on a “no cure no pay” basis to international companies.

Addmaster (UK) Ltd develops innovative, custom designed masterbatches and technical compounds to suit the individual requirements of the polymer industry and material processors.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.