Polygiene Showcases Cromwell Polythene During Recycling Week 

Running from the 16th to the 22nd of October 2023, Recycling Week is celebrating its 20th year and is more committed than ever to improving recycling in homes and businesses around the world. This year, the theme is The Big Recycling Hunt - finding recyclable items commonly missed when sorting rubbish.

The organizers center much of the attention on schools, where they hope to communicate the importance of recycling to younger generations through free classroom resources and a downloadable Action Pack. However, their other focus is encouraging brands and retailers to get behind the campaign and promote the recycling message.

So we thought we would do our part and raise awareness of Recycling Week by showcasing one of the most impressive recycling stories we know – Cromwell Polythene.

Four decades of polythene products

Since 1983, Cromwell Polythene has manufactured polythene and compostable containment products for waste and recyclables. With 40 years of experience designing and delivering bin sacks and liners for homes, businesses, clinical settings and the construction sector, it plays a significant role in the recycling sector, facilitating the collection and transport of many recyclable items.

But Cromwell Polythene’s recycling goes much further. It is on a mission to become the most resourceful company in plastics and has invested heavily in improving its own recycling infrastructure and initiatives.

Sansafe® liners are manufactured to incorporate Polygiene Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology

Recycling is an integral part of Cromwell Polythene

In 2020, Cromwell Polythene opened its UK Manufacturing and Recycling plant in Derbyshire. This plant increased the group’s capacity to recover and reprocess scrap polythene for new products, improving its contribution to the circular economy.

The company invests heavily in innovation and developing new polythene products. From products with higher recycled content and packaging that is compliant with the UK’s plastic packaging tax to incorporating Polygiene solutions into its products, Cromwell Polythene is always looking for ways to produce more sustainable, better-performing products.

Cromwell Polythene is an innovative Polygiene partner

We love Cromwell Polythene’s approach to innovation and recycling. While it would be easy for the brand to rest on its laurels and be content with basic recycling processes, it refuses to do so. Instead, it is actively seeking new ways to incorporate reclaimed and recycled content into manufacturing processes while delivering fully recyclable products to customers and developing industry-leading polythene technologies.

Cromwell Polythene also integrates Polygiene Biomaster™ and Polygiene ScentMaster™ into its Sansafe liners to protect against the growth of harmful bacteria and mask unpleasant odors, resulting in a more hygienic and pleasant environment. It is just another demonstration of Cromwell Polythene’s dedication to high-quality products that provide outstanding value to customers.

We are extremely proud to contribute to Cromwell Polythene products and to play a role in helping them bring groundbreaking waste disposal solutions to market. The company’s recycling initiative goes above and beyond that of many other organizations and we applaud the brand’s work to develop a more sustainable approach to plastic use. It’s great to see just how creative and committed recyclers can get!