Propelair x Polygiene – Product Protection in a Totally Unique Toilet Design

As Polygiene partners, Propelair, make the switch to Polygiene BioMaster™ (formerly Steritouch) branding, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight their advanced commercial toilet solution. Recognizing that the toilet’s basic design had remained relatively unchanged for more than 100 years, the company set itself the challenge of creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic toilet.

The result was the Propelair water-savings toilet. A groundbreaking design that improves on almost every aspect of the humble toilet while ensuring it remains familiar and intuitive for users, the Propelair benefits businesses and commercial customers in countless ways.

In this blog, we explore those benefits while detailing how the product works and what role Polygiene BioMaster plays in improving product performance. 

Reimagining an outdated design

Traditional toilets are water-intensive, inefficient and often unhygienic. On average, they use 9 liters of water with each flush and typically account for around 70-85% of commercial water use in a building. At the same time, they are high-touch products in a high-traffic environment, making them a critical link in the transmission chain for potentially harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Propelair basics – how it works

The Propelair solves these issues with a fresh approach to flush technology. In contrast to traditional toilets, the Propelair has two cisterns – one for air and one for water. It also features an innovative lid that clips shut and forms a seal that initiates the flush. Once the flush is activated, water enters the pan to wash it, followed by air from the toilet’s specialized pump. With the lid creating a reliable seal, the 60 litres of pressurized air generates a powerful cleaning motion and empties the entire pan, leaving no residue.

Following the flush, the pan refills from the water trap. Overall, the flushing process takes three seconds and the cistern is refilled and ready to re-flush in 20-30 seconds, depending on the pressure of the water supply. Brilliantly, the flush system requires no drain adjustment for installation, as the Propelair toilet can be attached to conventional gravity drainage systems or 2” (50mm) small bore flexible pipes that work without a negative gradient.

The benefits of Propelair technology

The revolutionary Propelair system results in several benefits for the business:

  • Save water

The Propelair toilet uses just 1.5 liters of water with each flush, compared to the UK average of 9 liters. It represents an efficiency saving of 84% and ensures businesses benefit from substantial water and cost savings. At the same time, it enhances eco-credentials for those organizations concerned with their environmental impact.

  • Save money

The savings achieved via Propelair implementation mean businesses can reduce water and sewage bills by approximately 60%. This guarantees an excellent return on investment, as the product cost can be recouped in as little as one year.

  • Improved hygiene

Propelair improves toilet hygiene in three distinct ways. Polygiene BioMaster plays a significant role in this. First, the close-to-flush design reduces aerosolized germs by up to 95%. Essentially, the sealed lid counteracts the “sneeze” effect, whereby the flush sprays harmful microorganisms into the air. Second, the powerful, single flush removes up to 99.99% of contaminants. In contrast, conventional toilets can leave around 6% of the previous user’s contaminants behind. Finally, Polygiene BioMaster provides integrated antimicrobial protection in the lid handle.

Polygiene BioMaster means enhanced hygiene

With traditional toilets, there are two primary touchpoints – the flush handle and the lid. The Propelair reduces this to a single touchpoint – the lid handle – minimizing opportunities for transmission. It further improves hygiene by utilizing Polygiene BioMaster in the lid handle.

Polygiene BioMaster employs silver ion technology to prevent the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, and keep the handle clean between cleans. Silver ion technology works in three ways.

  1. The silver ions bind to the bacterial cell wall and disrupt growth.
  2. The silver ions hamper enzyme production, affecting the cell’s ability to produce energy.
  3. The silver ions interfere with the cell’s DNA, preventing replication.

As Polygiene BioMaster is built into the Propelair lid handle, it offers 24/7 protection for the product’s entire lifespan. It is demonstrably safe, non-leaching and highly effective, eliminating 99.99% of microbes that come into contact with the surface.

A perfect Polygiene and Propelair partnership

Polygiene and Propelair are a perfect match. Both our organizations prioritize innovation and forward-thinking solutions while developing products with a positive environmental impact. Our Polygiene BioMaster antimicrobial technology enables Propelair to provide its customers with a solution that protects people and surfaces in an environment that benefits considerably from improved hygiene management. We look forward to working with Propelair in the future and providing product support for all current and future projects.