SHOFT device helps eliminate driver back pain

Another British innovation incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial technology into its design is being featured on Channel 4's BUY IT NOW TV show.

Most of us don’t wear our seatbelts in the way in which they were designed and safety-tested. Addmaster has worked with a British inventor to develop one of the most important car accessories to emerge in recent years.

A recent independently validated survey revealed that more than 90% of drivers don’t sit in the healthiest sitting position and most ‘wear’ their seat belts with slack in the belt, compromising safety.  A recent survey of pregnant women showed nearly half didn’t wear their seatbelts or wore them incorrectly putting their unborn child at risk.

The seat belt does little if anything to support us in our cars and after only a few miles we slip down slightly. Travelling in a vehicle in this slouched position puts strain on the supportive muscles of the lower back, often leading to back pain.  The lap belt commonly ‘rides up’ off the pelvis (where it works optimally in a collision) and onto the stomach and this is where increased risk of injury can occur.

Several studies have found a link between driving and back problems with people who drive for a living being statistically more likely to suffer.

SHOFT is a simple, palm-sized device that takes just two seconds to fit on to your seatbelt and could significantly reduce back pain, a problem that affects an estimated four out of five UK adults (80%) at some point in life, costing the NHS more than £1.3 million per day. – welcome news for Britain’s 36 million motorists, who spend an average of nearly 10 hours a week behind the wheel.

SHOFT addresses the main cause of backache in drivers by helping to keep the spine aligned with the seat back. It does this by eliminating the slack that naturally creeps into the seatbelt as the journey progresses.  This helps stop the hips from sliding forward and maintains the seat belt in its optimal position.

Besides improving posture, SHOFT incorporates Biomaster antimicrobial product protection.  This technology will last for the useful lifetime of the product, inhibiting the growth of bacteria that may end up on the seat belt tongue – the bit we all handle when buckling up.

Back specialists and ergonomics experts anticipated SHOFT to significantly improve the health of the millions of Britain’s fleet drivers as well as reduce injury and possibly help save lives.  SHOFT has also been tested and highly recommended by back experts and gained top 5* reviews from the UK’s motoring press including AutoCar and the Sunday Times.  In addition, drivers and passengers, including children in booster seats will enjoy a safer environment from antimicrobial product protection on the one part of the car that gets handled every trip. 

BUY IT NOW goes out on Channel 4 at 5:30pm on Monday May 14th, hosted by Brian Conley and also featuring UK retail bosses from JML and Ideal World Shopping TV.

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*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.