M:X® Dual Hydration System with Polygiene BioMaster™ Receives US Patent, Reinforcing Technological Leadership

Polygiene partners, M:X®, recently had the patent for their innovative M:X Dual Hydration System approved in the US, ensuring its groundbreaking hydration solution will soon make its way across the Atlantic.

The M:X Dual Hydration System utilizes Polygiene BioMaster™ technology providing antimicrobial product protection against microbes that could damage the hydration system itself, ensuring optimum hygiene. 

In an arena where infections and illnesses can seriously impair performance and even feeling just a little under the weather can impact results, the M:X and Polygiene partnership helps support individuals and teams achieve their sporting goals. It does so by ensuring the equipment they use remains protected from microbial growth, reducing the likelihood of cross contamination.

The M:X Dual Hydration System is changing the way we hydrate

The M:X Dual Hydration System is a unique solution to a common problem amongst endurance athletes. In longer events, athletes regularly consume sports drinks to increase their carbohydrate intake and replenish lost salts and minerals. However, they also require water for the initial stages of events and don’t necessarily want to carry two bottles or reservoirs.

The M:X Dual Hydration System attaches to hydration reservoirs and then clips onto rucksack shoulder straps. The system is filled with scientifically formulated Performance M:X Concentrates, enabling athletes to change between plain water and sports drink at the flick of a switch. Delivery is seamless and the concentrate combines with the water to provide the correct dilution in a smooth and tasty mix that requires no shaking.

Polygiene BioMaster protects high-performance athletes

The M:X Dual Hydration System also benefits from integrated Polygiene BioMaster product protection. This industry-leading technology disrupts microbial growth, providing 24/7 protection, preventing the spread of potentially harmful microbes. 

Polygiene BioMaster uses silver ion technology to prevent the growth of unwanted microbes that can cause product degradation, discoloration, staining, or odors. 

  1. Silver ions bind with the microbe cell wall
  2. The technology interferes with enzyme production, affecting the cell’s ability to generate energy
  3. Finally, the silver ions interrupt the cell’s DNA, preventing replication.

The antimicrobial protected system reduces the growth of microbes in between deep cleans, so athletes have better peace of mind around their hydration reservoirs and have a cleaner source of water throughout an event.

This may be the difference between a medal and mid-pack finish

For athletes, staying healthy and in peak condition is essential to success. Illness and sickness result in missed training and can impact your performance come the day of the event. When you consider the stress athletes put their bodies through and how this can affect their immune system’s ability to respond to potential health problems, solutions that help reduce unwanted Microbes, such as Polygiene BioMaster, can play a role in ensuring that their gear is better protected against unwanted microbes.   

Lisa Brian, Polygiene’s Marketing Manager, explained the value of hygiene technology when applied to athletic products by sports brands. “At the top end of elite sport, a Polygiene-treated product could mean the difference between finishing middle of the pack or on top of the podium. The M:X Dual Hydration System boosts sports performance by enhancing athletes’ ability to tailor hydration to their specific needs. Polygiene BioMaster helps M:X deliver even greater value by ensuring it serves its athletes against unwanted microbes. This partnership is a fantastic example of an innovative sports brand utilizing Polygiene ingredient technologies to give their customers a relevant solution.” 

You can learn more about the M:X Dual Hydration System and purchase yours from the M:X online store.