Polygiene BioMaster

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Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker Bands Harbour Bacteria – Silver is the Solution

Following recent research conducted by a team from the Florida Atlantic University (FAU), there has been considerable discussion about the extent to which rubber and plastic watch bands, like those found on the Smart Watches, harbor potentially harmful bacteria. This is particularly problematic for a device we rarely remove and wear during sweaty workouts, long runs, and other intense physical activity.

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Propelair x Polygiene – Product Protection in a Totally Unique Toilet Design

As Polygiene partners, Propelair, make the switch to Polygiene BioMaster™ (formerly Steritouch) branding, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight their advanced commercial toilet solution. Recognizing that the toilet’s basic design had remained relatively unchanged for more than 100 years, the company set itself the challenge of creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly and hygienic toilet.

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OPRO x Polygiene Case Study

With more than 25 years of experience pioneering industry-leading oral protection, OPRO is the world's most advanced manufacturer of mouthguards. Working with athletes from the entire sporting spectrum, it supplies schools, grassroots clubs, and global sports superstars at England Rugby, UFC, and GB Taekwondo, among others.

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M:X® Dual Hydration System with Polygiene BioMaster™ Receives US Patent, Reinforcing Technological Leadership

Polygiene partners, M:X®, recently had the patent for their innovative M:X Dual Hydration System approved in the US, ensuring its groundbreaking hydration solution will soon make its way across the Atlantic.

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