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Girl wearing a face mask

Style and Sustainability – A Conversation with Air Mask Innovators Airinum

At Polygiene, we love to work with businesses that take a keen interest in sustainability, the environment and Mindful Living®. It’s great to see our technologies being put to good use. It is even better when the brand putting them to good use shares so many of our values and goals.

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Zippsafe locker system

Reimagining Employee Locker Storage – Zippsafe’s Game-Changing Space Saver

For more than seven years, Zippsafe has developed innovative locker solutions for companies willing to think differently about employee storage. A Swiss-based organization that identified an opportunity to shake up traditional locker design and deliver a space-efficient, user-friendly, hygienic, and digital textile-based alternative. It has gone from strength to strength, fostering a loyal customer base in industries as diverse as healthcare, hospitality, food, and manufacturing.

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Polygiene Ensures You Are Prepared For The Future

Over the last few weeks, concern has been growing about the potential for new COVID variants to wreak havoc in the UK this winter. While the memories of the pandemic are strong and the country is still processing the repercussions and dealing with the financial, social and psychological aspects of the crisis, there are suggestions that too many people have consigned COVID to the past and are ignoring possible future complications. It is understandable. We all want to move on. But a failure to prepare means we’re preparing to fail. Acting too late can have drastic consequences.

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Polygiene Gift Guide

Here at Polygiene®, we are incredibly proud of the diverse nature of the products our Freshness and Product Protection solutions are used in. From spectacular bed linens to backpacks built to last, you will find Polygiene technology in a dizzying array of consumer goods.

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