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Smart Watch & Fitness Tracker Bands Harbour Bacteria – Silver is the Solution

Following recent research conducted by a team from the Florida Atlantic University (FAU), there has been considerable discussion about the extent to which rubber and plastic watch bands, like those found on the Smart Watches, harbor potentially harmful bacteria. This is particularly problematic for a device we rarely remove and wear during sweaty workouts, long runs, and other intense physical activity.

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Polygiene and Saucony partnership ensures runners StayFresh™

In July 2023, the world-renowned running brand, Saucony, launched a new Polygiene-treated apparel collection. Featuring the advanced Polygiene StayFresh™ technology, the apparel guarantees outstanding performance, total comfort and a fresher-for-longer feel. It incorporates running shorts and tops that combine Saucony’s notable blend of groundbreaking, performance-oriented technology and eye-catching style.

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Polygiene partners with JSP Safety to drive a sustainability revolution in personal protection

In their continuing mission to redefine freshness and reimagine product protection, Polygiene® have partnered with PPE specialists JSP to create high-quality and high-performance reusable PPE for a more hygienic - and more sustainable future.

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Polygiene in the Wilderness: A Game-Changer for Mountain Hunters

I’ve been fortunate to roam some of the most beautiful and remote mountains in North America with a camera or bow in hand. The goal has always been to see over the next ridge, push myself physically and mentally and try to find a leery mountain animal to hunt — typically wild sheep or mountain goats. 

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