StayFreshBIO & ShedGuard: The Next Chapter for Polygiene

The Polygiene team is pleased to announce the launch of our new textile protection innovation project, Polygiene ShedGuard™. Designed to minimize micro-fiber loss and improve resistance to fabric wear during washing, the solution is set for an innovation launch at ISPO on the 29th of November. The Polygiene ShedGuard innovation project is in the latter stages of development, with final testing and refinement due to take place in conjunction with selected Polygiene partners during 2024.

The anti-shed technology that reduces micro-fiber loss by as much as 70% and dramatically extends a textile product’s expected lifespan by reducing fabric abrasion, Polygiene ShedGuard helps manufacturers deliver more durable and longer-lasting products. In keeping with our Mindful Living philosophy, the solution will help facilitate the transition from consumables to durables, resulting in a more sustainable approach to product design, development and consumption.

How does Polygiene ShedGuard work?

Polygiene ShedGuard is a revolutionary solution that helps to reduce the amount of micro-fiber loss during the washing of textile fabrics. ShedGuard is made using a unique blend of polymers that form a protective sheath around fiber bundles to prevent micro-fibrils from separating during wear and washing cycles.

By safeguarding the textile’s structural integrity, Polygiene ShedGuard not only protects the fabric but also prevents the release of fiber fragments into the surrounding environment. At the same time, the solution is designed to enhance the performance of other Polygiene technologies, such as Polygiene StayFresh™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ and StayFreshBIO™. 

The Polygiene product portfolio grows with Polygiene StayFreshBIO™

Expanding on the success of the Polygiene StayFresh solution, we are also pleased to promote the launch of Polygiene StayFreshBIO™. Much like its predecessor, it eliminates odor-causing bacteria at the source, so your fabrics stay fresher for longer and you can Wear More and Wash Less.

However, Polygiene StayFreshBIO™ is based on a 100% biological active ingredient extracted from plant-based substances. It is metal-free and completely skin-safe, making it the ideal choice for manufacturers looking to deliver additional value to customers interested in 100% bio-based textile treatments. By keeping fabrics fresher for longer, it extends products’ expected lifespans, minimizes their environmental footprint, and helps save customers time and money. 

Polygiene StayFreshBIO™ represents an excellent addition to the Freshness product portfolio and is an exciting opportunity for Polygiene partners to take advantage of the growing customer demand for more environmentally friendly products.