Style and Sustainability – A Conversation with Air Mask Innovators Airinum

At Polygiene, we love to work with businesses that take a keen interest in sustainability, the environment and Mindful Living®. It’s great to see our technologies being put to good use. It is even better when the brand putting them to good use shares so many of our values and goals.

Girl wearing a face mask

Airinum is the perfect example. A Swedish brand launched in 2015 with the express purpose of creating products that prioritize sustainability and a greener, healthier future, it is at the forefront of air mask innovation and produces a range of unique bags and accessories. It also utilizes Polygiene technology. To learn more about the brand, its background and its philosophy, we spoke to the company’s CCO and co-founder, Isac Hjertström.

Back to the beginning

We began our conversation by discussing Airinum’s beginnings and how the brand came into existence. Isac recounted the company’s story, tracing its origins to a 2013 trip to India. “Our founder, Alexander Hjertström, was personally affected by toxic air during a trip to Asia. It sparked a passion in him to uncover the true dangers of air pollution and the risks it poses to human health”.

Determined to better understand the situation, Alexander dove headfirst into an intense period of research, combing through scientific data and studies to discover the true extent of the problem. All the evidence Alexander gathered pointed to the same conclusion. More than 90% of the world’s population is exposed to hyper-local air pollution that kills millions every year. Airinum was a response to this devastating statistic and an attempt to be the change Alexander wanted to see in the world.

Sustainability is the aim

As befits a brand launched to promote sustainability and highlight the issue of air pollution, Airinum’s core values and goals are environmentally oriented. Isac explained that Airinum’s mission involves “empowering people with innovative health products that combat climate challenges and inspire people towards a more sustainable living, accelerating a cleaner tomorrow”.

It’s products aim to protect people from climate change. “Climate change doesn’t just harm the planet”, noted Isac. “It poses an immediate threat to human health. It is why we established Airinum in 2015. We want to make a positive impact on people’s health and the health of our planet. Together with our growing global community, we can steer the world towards a healthier future”.

Style does not need to come second

One of the first things newcomers to the Airinum product range notice is that the brand’s products are undeniably stylish. The masks are exquisitely designed and boast a stripped-back, minimalist look that is the epitome of streamlined simplicity. The brand’s bags are similarly spectacular, with a decidedly contemporary feel.

According to Isac, this happy marriage of form of function is central to the Airinum design philosophy. “We believe aesthetics don’t need to compromise functionality. Creating products with a sleek, minimalist design makes long-term use more attractive. We’re coming from a commercial environment in which fast-fashion products dominate. Transitioning to durables is an essential step in creating a healthier planet”.

Incorporating Polygiene technology

Airinum is just as committed to incorporating innovative and advanced technology into its products as it is to ensuring they stand out with on-trend aesthetics. And that’s where Polygiene comes in. Airinum’s bags and masks typically feature Polygiene ViralOff™, our revolutionary antimicrobial textile treatment. The technology uses silver chloride, which occurs naturally and is completely skin-safe, to effectively reduce 99.99% of microorganisms. It enables users to wear and use their purchases more and wash them less, extending the products’ expected lifespan.

“Polygiene technology enhances our products, equipping them with a unique and distinctive feature that improves their durability, so customers can benefit from longer-lasting use. We believe these technologies can play a significant role in shifting consumer behavior and encouraging more sustainable consumer habits”, Isac argued. This chimes with Polygiene’s Mindful Living® philosophy, which emphasizes the way simple lifestyle changes can have a considerable impact and help us transition to a healthier, more sustainable society. 

The future of hygiene technologies

Over the course of our conversation with Isac, it became increasingly clear that Airinum is a forward-thinking brand with clear objectives and a praiseworthy determination to change how we think about air pollution, sustainability and style. To round out the discussion, we spoke about the future of hygiene technologies and what impact they are likely to have on product design and the way we shop.

“At Airinum, we believe the reality of climate change will make people more aware of and interested in these kinds of products and technologies. In doing so, they will exert more pressure on brands to incorporate them into their product lines. Manufacturers will do everything they can to extend the life expectancy of products and make them more sustainable”, Isac concluded. “Using technologies like Polygiene to reduce the need for washing and thereby enhance product longevity is undoubtedly something consumers will value more and more in the future”.

Check out Airinum products

The Polygiene team loves what Airinum has achieved since its inception in 2015 and, speaking to Isac, it is clear that the brand has a fantastic future ahead of it. We would like to thank Isac for sparing his time and sharing his fascinating insights, and we look forward to continuing to develop our partnership in the future. 

If you want to check out the brand’s excellent products, you can find them on the Airinum website.