Polygiene Ensures You Are Prepared For The Future

Over the last few weeks, concern has been growing about the potential for new COVID variants to wreak havoc in the UK this winter. While the memories of the pandemic are strong and the country is still processing the repercussions and dealing with the financial, social and psychological aspects of the crisis, there are suggestions that too many people have consigned COVID to the past and are ignoring possible future complications. It is understandable. We all want to move on. But a failure to prepare means we’re preparing to fail. Acting too late can have drastic consequences.

The threat of a winter COVID surge

Towards the end of the summer, the emergence of a new COVID variant sparked a surge in cases in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Eris variant, also known as EG. 5.1, is related to the Omicron mutation and is highly contagious. By the end of July, it was the second most common strain in the UK and related cases were growing rapidly. This was largely due to a favorable mutation that puts the variant at a distinct advantage over other strains (National).

More recently, the BA.2.86 variant, known as Pirola, emerged in Denmark, with the first confirmed cases appearing in the UK in August. Experts believe the variant is better equipped to avoid antibodies, raising transmission rates (Standard).

These developments have forced the UK government to bring forward the start of its winter vaccination by a month (Guardian) and have several experts sounding the warning alarms (Standard). The NHS even published advice detailing how the Pirola variant is the most concerning since the Omicron strain first emerged (Pulse).

Is your business ready?

All this poses the question of whether businesses and organizations are prepared for a winter surge or a reemergence of pandemic conditions. Now is the time to implement new measures and technologies to minimize the impact of any disruption over the coming months. We know this from experience.

During the COVID crisis, Polygiene was pleased to be in a position to help so many individuals and organizations with its Product Protection solutions. Polygiene ViralOff™ is proven to reduce SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19), Influenza A, and Bird Flu viral loads by 99.99% in textiles, drastically reducing the likelihood of transmission. Our Polygiene BioMaster™ solution is similarly effective against potentially harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold and fungi.

However, the demand for Polygiene solutions during this period caused significant delivery delays, as testing and approving processes take time and the sheer number of requests resulted in a backlog. 

Organizations need to begin preparing to integrate Polygiene solutions into their products now. Not only will this enable you to have your products tested and ready before the winter surge in COVID cases, but it will also ensure a quicker and more cost-effective integration. Companies that act now send a positive, proactive message to their customers, partners, and investors while demonstrating they have the confidence and foresight to make the right decisions.

To learn more about our Polygiene ViralOff™ and Polygiene BioMaster™ solutions, visit our dedicated product pages or reach out to the Polygiene team. We are happy to answer any questions concerning our innovative hygiene technologies and to discuss how Polygiene solutions can benefit your organization.