Polygiene® and Dr. Scholl’s® – A Perfect Footwear Fit

Body odor and smelly feet are a big deal for most people. In fact, 90% of consumers report that their self-confidence takes a significant hit when they don’t feel fresh, even if no one notices or mentions it.

Globally, a remarkable 367 million people suffer from extreme foot odor. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise as the underside of the feet are home to the most densely concentrated sweat glands on the entire body. There are approximately 250,000 of them on your soles. And they can produce up to half a pint of moisture every day.

However, moisture is not responsible for most foot odors. It just creates the conditions in which bacteria – the real cause of odor – can thrive.

Fortunately, someone is doing something about the problem. And they are using an integrated Polygiene antibacterial solution in the process. In this case study, we introduce Dr. Scholl’s – one of the world’s foremost footwear specialists – and detail how it uses Polygiene StayFresh™, Polygiene OdorCrunch™ and its own innovative technology to help people make the most of every day by providing products that support the feet and relieve pain, prevent odor and provide enhanced care.

Dr Scholl’s century of footcare innovation

Founded in 1906 by Dr. William Mathias Scholl, a talented medical professional and foot specialist who would invent and patent his first footcare product while still at school, Dr. Scholl’s has accumulated more than 115 years of experience and expertise. This deep expertise in biomechanics and footcare enables the company to develop a diverse array of ever-evolving, clinically-approved products that range from first aid and grooming solutions to insoles and orthotics.

Dr. Scholl’s commitment to foot health has resulted in it becoming the number one footcare brand in North America and one of the most respected names in the industry. With its fascinating history, culture of innovation and first-rate product portfolio, it is a trusted consumer brand that continues to deliver for its customers. 

Dr. Scholl’s and the benefits of Polygiene technology

In 2018, Dr. Scholl’s started working with Polygiene and integrating Polygiene StayFresh -our advanced odor-eliminating antibacterial additive – into its insoles. Emily Vos, Marketing Director at Dr. Scholl’s, explained what initially attracted the company to Polygiene technology. “Polygiene was an opportunity to integrate unique anti-microbial and odor-fighting technology into our insoles. It enabled us to differentiate our products and position them as the most advanced insoles on the market.”

Foot odor is a significant consumer pain point and, as we’ve already demonstrated, millions of people struggle with smelly footwear and the lack of confidence that can cause. “Polygiene StayFresh helps keep consumers’ feet odor-free and fresh when they use Dr. Scholl’s insoles,” Emily noted. “Anything we can do to tackle consumer pain points enriches our products and makes them more valuable to customers.”

The Polygiene – Dr. Scholl’s partnership also goes beyond technology and encompasses marketing and sales support. The Polygiene logo is featured on product packaging and online content, while we also collaborate on innovation opportunities and e-commerce content. The result is a close working relationship that enables Dr. Scholl’s to better advertise the key benefits associated with its insoles and leverage Polygiene’s marketing capabilities.

Dr. Scholl’s odor-free insoles 

Since its inception in 1906, Dr. Scholl’s has pushed the boundaries of footcare technology, developing products that make a real difference to the way people feel and move through their lives. The Polygiene team is incredibly proud to partner with such a storied organization and contribute in our own way to the company’s heritage of groundbreaking foot technology. We look forward to expanding our collaborative efforts in the future and are excited to see how Dr. Scholl’s continues to stride forward and deliver the next generation of footcare products.