Polygiene Celebrates World Water Day

The 22nd of March 2023 is World Water Day, an occasion that celebrates our deep connection with water, highlights our dependence on the life-giving liquid, and aims to raise awareness of the two billion people who currently live without access to safe water.

Here at Polygiene®, World Water Day is very close to our hearts. Many of our innovative odor-control and antimicrobial technologies are designed to reduce the amount you need to wash your garments, so you consume less water. Basically, we let you wear more and wash less. Which is great for you, your pocket, and the environment.

So, we want to mark World Water Day 2023 by highlighting some of the remarkable work Polygiene partners do to protect the environment and raise awareness of water-related environmental concerns. These brands share our passion for sustainability and go the extra mile to effect positive change. They represent Polygiene’s dedication to more Mindful Living and a better understanding of how all our actions affect the natural world.

Athleta is improving access to clean water

Since its inception in 1998, Athleta has always done things differently. As an athleisure brand, it creates comfortable, functional, and stylish apparel for women and girls. It also uses recycled materials and invests in renewable energy to reduce its environmental footprint. In 2018, Athleta became a certified B Corp, demonstrating it meets high performance, accountability, and transparency standards. 

The brand emphasizes the connection between women and water and believes empowering women will result in a fairer society that is better equipped to look after the world around us. We couldn’t agree more.

Athleta’s commitment to female empowerment is highlighted by its links to the USAID Gap Inc. Women + Water Alliance. Through this organization, it works to improve access to safe water across India, where women in cotton-growing communities must walk an average of 1.2 miles to collect from the nearest clean source. This often takes around four hours every day. 

O’Neill is on a multi-decade mission to protect oceans

O’Neill manufactures performance and leisure wear for surfers, skiers, and snowboarders. As such, it is deeply connected to the ocean and mountain environments and plays a significant role in several initiatives designed to protect them. 

The Sea Odyssey program was launched way back in 1996, by the brand’s founder, Jack O’Neill. Grounded in Jack’s belief that “the ocean is alive, and we have got to take care of it,” the Sea Odyssey initiative is part school science program and part rip-roaring catamaran adventure. Having delivered the program to more than 100,000 students, the O’Neill Sea Odyssey continues to inform and engage young people, educating them about the ocean environment and how we can protect it.

O’Neill also supports Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit that works to protect lakes, rivers, oceans, and coastlines. With more than 13,000 members spread across nine countries, the foundation focuses its efforts on three key areas – marine litter, water quality, and coastal development and climate change. 

O’Neill’s own product range is also shifting towards greater sustainability. The brand utilizes Polygiene solutions to ensure you can wear more and wash less and incorporates recycled REPREVE© materials into designs. It is also developing the O’Neill BLUE collection. Designed for durability, O’Neill BLUE apparel utilizes sustainable materials and manufacturing.

Image: O’Neill

Tangle Angel is taking recycling to the next level

Tangle Angel also works to protect the ocean environment by manufacturing its Re:born brushes from ocean-bound plastic. These brushes are made from recycled plastic, packaged in recycled plastic, and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. It doesn’t get much more recycled than that!

The brand has connections with the Plastic Bank charity, too. Plastic Bank attempts to stop plastic from reaching the ocean by organizing teams of community Ocean Stewards to collect plastic waste in vulnerable coastal areas. In 2022, these teams prevented more than 1,500 kg (that equates to roughly 77,275 plastic bottles) from entering the ocean. Every customer who purchases a hairbrush from the company’s Re:born collection also supports Plastic Bank and the great work the charity’s Ocean Stewards do.

Image: Tangle Angel

Karpos is raising climate awareness about mountain communities

Karpos is a brand that embraces mountain adventures and dares to dream big. It believes in exploration, self-expression, and discovery. And it designs apparel and equipment that enables people to pursue those goals. But it also does a lot of work to protect the mountains. 

Its Help the Mountains initiative sees the brand donate 1% of its annual turnover to various activities that safeguard mountain environments and raise awareness. In recent years, its Water & Beyond project highlighted the plight of mountain communities that are dependent on glaciers for their water. As climate change causes glacial retreat, many of these communities are suffering from extreme drought. 

But it’s not a localized problem. Around 25% of the world’s population relies on water originating in mountain glaciers. That’s potentially two billion people that could be affected by climate change’s devastating impact on the mountains. 

Image: Karpos

Wear more, wash less, and be the change you want to see

Polygiene solutions mean you wear more and wash less. This eco-conscious approach to water use is part of our attempt to encourage a broader shift towards more sustainable design and consumption. Just like the partners we highlighted above. 

We want to play a role in society’s transition from consumables to durables and provide people with the information, assistance, and solutions they need to embrace more Mindful Living. We’re 100% IN on World Water Day. Are you?