Polygiene Freshness Helps Drive Royal Enfield Innovations 

Few brands ever come close to the global recognition achieved by Royal Enfield. A tried, tested, and trusted name in motorcycle manufacturing, the company has operated at the forefront of the industry for more than 120 years. In recent years, the company has integrated Polygiene® technology into several of its products, most notably helmet internals and apparel. In this case study, we explore Royal Enfield’s partnership with Polygiene, what benefits its customers derive from Polygiene solutions, and how the relationship has developed.

Unidentified rider with motorcycle royal enfield classic 500

Royal Enfield – a modern design and manufacturing icon

Royal Enfield motorcycles are a modern icon and one of the most beloved motorcycle brands on the planet. In many ways, the Royal Enfield story mirrors that of the 20th century. The company launched its first commercial motorcycle at the Stanley Cycle Show in 1901, while the century was still in its infancy. As it matured, so too did its products. It supplied motorcycles to the British, Belgian, French, United States, and Imperial Russian armies in WWI, released the cult Bullet model in 1932, and developed the famous Flying Flea to drop behind enemy lines with paratroopers in WWII.

In an increasingly globalized post-war world, Royal Enfield’s trajectory reflected wider economic and social changes. India began importing Royal Enfields in 1949 and the UK company would soon partner with its Indian importer, creating a multinational operation that went from strength to strength. By 1977, Royal Enfield manufacturing had moved entirely to India. As the digital revolution approached and humans pushed higher, further, and faster than ever before, so too did Royal Enfield. The brand’s motorcycles scaled the world’s highest mountain passes, smashed land speed records, and introduced groundbreaking new technologies and designs.

In 2021, Royal Enfield celebrated 120 years of motorcycle manufacturing. Today, it is regarded as one of the industry’s most recognizable and revered motorcycle brands. In large part, this is due to the company’s commitment to innovation and a desire to deliver outstanding value to customers – two qualities that make it the perfect Polygiene partner.

The helmet’s inner lining is treated with Polygiene StayFresh technology

Polygiene technology protects Royal Enfield products

Currently, Royal Enfield incorporates a combination of Polygiene StayFresh™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ into all internal helmet linings and much of its apparel. An industry-leading antibacterial technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring textiles smell and feel fresher for longer, Polygiene StayFresh reduces the need for washing. In turn, this lessens a product’s environmental impact, as consumers use less water and energy to keep it clean. It also benefits product lifespan, as washing machines can be harsh on materials and cause premature degradation. Polygiene OdorCrunch also tackles unpleasant smells at the source, targeting the molecules responsible, enveloping and “crunching” them to eliminate the odor.

For Royal Enfield, Polygiene’s anti-odor protection is invaluable. “When it comes to hygiene and comfort, helmet internals are the most important component”, explained Mr.Sangeet Kishore, Global Business Head at Royal Enfield Apparel. “They are also traditionally the most problematic. Sweating is inevitable and the heat and moisture inside the helmet are the perfect environment for bacteria”. Over time, this can lead to a build-up of gummy residue and unpleasant odors. The lack of airflow also encourages microbial growth and there is potential for scalp infections. 

We like that Polygiene is IN our textiles, not just ON them.

Mr.Sangeet Kishore
Global Business Head at Royal Enfield Apparel

Polygiene StayFresh and OdorCrunch eliminate all these problems by inhibiting the spread of bacteria and stopping smells at the source. As Royal Enfield integrates the technology into the material during manufacturing, rather than applying it to the surface post-manufacture, the solution provides protection for a product’s entire lifespan. For Royal Enfield, this is one of Polygiene technology’s key strengths. “We like that Polygiene is IN our textiles, not just ON them”, adds Kishore. “Whereas other freshness solutions only offer temporary protection, Polygiene technology does so for as long as the textile lasts”.

Royal Enfield store with Polygiene hangtags
Royal Enfield store in India

A partnership that works on every level

First integrating Polygiene solutions into its products in 2019, Royal Enfield immediately recognized the benefits to customers. Polygiene technology enhances customer comfort by eliminating odors while guaranteeing product longevity and reusability by minimizing the washing required.

Improved sustainability was also a significant draw. The fact that both Polygiene solutions are accredited by both bluesign®, which promotes consumer safety, low-impact manufacturing and responsible use of resources, and Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport, which supports responsible manufacturing and supply chains, means the solution complemented Royal Enfield’s brand values.

Mr.Sangeet Kishore in addition, shares that “throughout the relationship, Polygiene has provided us with valuable support. It is a very proactive partnership and we receive assistance from Polygiene teams when it comes to ensuring application and efficacy of their technology with our products in addition to great marketing and how to properly communicate the benefits to the end consumer. We hope to increase our emphasis on Polygiene solutions over the coming year, as we see customers responding positively to more educational and promotional content”.

In 2021, Royal Enfield launched 12 limited-edition helmets to celebrate its 120th anniversary. Each helmet’s inner lining was treated with a Polygiene StayFresh to keep it fresh after long rides.

Growing our partnership in the future

While our partnership is founded on Polygiene technology’s ability to provide extensive benefits to Royal Enfield customers, it has flourished because of a shared commitment to innovation and authenticity, and a recognition that user-focused technologies can help us build a more sustainable future. By implementing Polygiene technology into its helmets and apparel, Royal Enfield provides customers with products that outperform all others on the market while also encouraging more environmentally friendly consumer behavior. For Royal Enfield and its customers, Polygiene technology simply makes sense.

For the Polygiene team, working with the iconic Royal Enfield brand is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the company’s continued success and help it write the next chapter in a story that has been defined by innovation and forward-thinking design. We look forward to developing the partnership in the future and working closely with Royal Enfield to ensure its customers benefit from advanced Polygiene protection.