Polygiene Gift Guide

Here at Polygiene®, we are incredibly proud of the diverse nature of the products our Freshness and Product Protection solutions are used in. From spectacular bed linens to backpacks built to last, you will find Polygiene technology in a dizzying array of consumer goods.

To demonstrate just how prevalent Polygiene technology is (and to provide you with enough gift ideas to see you through several birthdays and the upcoming travel season), we’ve put together this extensive Polygiene gift guide. There are presents for people of all types and ages; take a look and find your next always-fresh and ultra-hygienic gift.

For the homebody

Whether you are a fan of the Danish concept of hygge, proscribe to the relatively similar Swedish idea of mys, or love nothing more than snuggling up and getting ultra-cozy at home, there are plenty of Polygiene-treated products for you. 

For that all-night, fresh, and luxurious feel, nothing beats the full Owl + Lark Sheet Bundle. Made from soft-to-the-touch eucalyptus silk, this Ionsilk bedding benefits from Polygiene StayFresh™ technology that reduces microbes by 99.97%, minimizes the need for washing and is wonderfully kind to your skin. Because what could be cozier than fresher-for-longer, silky soft bedding that encourages more Mindful Living? 

Image: Owl+Lark

If movie nights are when you escape it all and truly relax, Nordifakt’s gorgeous Antibacterial Stockholm Throw Blanket is a definite winner. Generously large, beautifully textured, and made for chilly evenings in front of the TV, the blanket is made from 100% cotton and treated with Polygiene StayFresh for a more hygienic and sustainable design. Just cuddle up, settle in, and spread out the blanket as you watch the latest Hollywood hit or binge your favorite Netflix series.

Image: Nordifakt

For the food lover

When the pressure’s on, and you’re preparing a sumptuous meal that requires absolute precision, nothing’s more useful than a digital kitchen thermometer. The Thermapen® ONE Thermometer gives instant and accurate temperature readings to ensure perfectly cooked food every time. From roast chicken to pastry baking, the Thermapen® ONE Thermometer offers total control over the cooking process. Polygiene BioMaster™ technology prevents bacterial growth and contributes to a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen.

For the self-care expert

Starting the day with a bit of self-care can make a significant difference in how you feel, giving you a big confidence boost and ensuring you are ready for everything that lies ahead. If that means getting your hair exactly how you want it, the Tangle Angel 2.0 makes for a fantastic gift. Combining a cool angel-wing design with bold colorways and unique  Memory-Flex™ technology that allows the bristles to flex and then return to their original position, this award-winning brush makes de-tangling as easy as can be.

Image: Tangle Angel

For those with more of a focus on healthy, glowing skin, the ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Face Cleansing Kit is a guaranteed winner. Made by the world’s number one brand for beauty device systems (four years in a row!), the ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device removes dirt, oil, makeup, and all traces of daily grime, leaving you with radiant skin and that glorious, fresh-faced youthful feel. Both the Tangle Angel 2.0 and the ageLOC LumiSpa utilize Polygiene BioMaster technology to limit bacterial growth and guarantee a safe and hygienic self-care experience.

For the younger kids

If your kids are interested in finding fresh beats and developing their taste in music, Happy Plugs’ Play Youth Headphones are a great alternative. Boasting a brilliant, high-quality sound that stays at a safe volume for younger ears (harmful volumes over 85 db are limited), these wireless headphones also benefit from Polygiene BioMaster antimicrobial technology and a vegan-friendly leather finish.

Image: Happy Plugs

If your child wants to make their own music, the pBone Mini is an excellent option. Designed to provide an affordable entry point for kids aged four and up, the pBone Mini is a durable, lightweight plastic trombone that allows kids to develop their technique with an instrument that is purpose-built for smaller players. As with our other gifts for younger children, Polygiene BioMaster offers antimicrobial protection.

For the outdoor enthusiast

If your idea of a perfect night out is sitting beside a campfire, chatting the night away, and sleeping beneath the stars, the Nomad Taurus 180 Sleeping Bag is the gift for you. A lightweight summer sleeping bag that suits campers who want all the benefits of a mummy design with a little extra room, this warm-weather bag guarantees comfort. Made from ripstop material treated with Polygiene StayFresh for an odor-free design that requires less frequent washing, it is a great grab-and-go sleeping bag for environmentally conscious adventurers.

And if you need a bag to help carry your gear out into the wilderness, the Gregory Baltoro 75 backpack is your best option. Made from recycled fabrics and featuring a sizable 75-liter carrying capacity, the Baltaro incorporates all the comfort-enhancing technology you expect of a modern backpack. 

The FreeFloat A3 system allows the pact to adapt and conform to your body shape, while Aircushion Backpanel keeps your back cool and sweat-free. Plenty of pockets ensure your easy-reach items are close to hand, and a zip-close bottom compartment provides plenty of room for your Nomad sleeping bag. Polygiene StayFresh treatment on all suspension components keeps the bag smelling fresh and inhibits bacterial growth.

Image: Gregory

For the tech head

Everyone knows someone who is glued to their phone. And we all know people who can be a little clumsy with their tech. The SBS Case Biomaster for iPhone 13 is a transparent protective case that defends against drops, scrapes, and scratches while preventing the spread of bacteria and microbes thanks to Polygiene BioMaster. Simple, effective, and stylish, this SBS case keeps your phone bump and bacteria-free.

For anyone who is always on the move

Just because you are go-go-go 24/7 does not mean you can’t look your finest. The Airinium Crossbody Bag is a street-ready, stylish design made from recycled materials. An adjustable shoulder strap encourages you to experiment with various carry styles, while modular Velcro® straps allow you to attach the bag to a bike, pram, or anything else you are traveling with. Manufactured with water-repellent materials, Polygiene ViralOff™ ensure your Crossbody bag is odorless and clear of unwanted microbes.

Image: Airinum

All of the products mentioned above feature Polygiene technology. But Polygiene isn’t just on stuff, it’s in stuff. Our innovative solutions are introduced in the manufacturing stage and integrated into the materials from which all these products are made. We believe advanced hygiene technology has a significant role to play in creating a more sustainable future where consumer goods stay fresher and last longer, so you can wash less and wear more. Happy shopping!