Polygiene partners with JSP Safety to drive a sustainability revolution in personal protection

In their continuing mission to redefine freshness and reimagine product protection, Polygiene® have partnered with PPE specialists JSP to create high-quality and high-performance reusable PPE for a more hygienic - and more sustainable future.

Established in 1964, JSP Safety is a leading manufacturer of ‘above the neck’ personal protective equipment. With three UK production facilities, the company is working hard to achieve carbon-neutral status in the UK and Europe for PPE manufacturing.

“Sustainability is a driving force for innovation at JSP, and we are delighted to be partnering with them to help minimize their impact on the planet,” said Ulrika Björk, CEO at Polygiene. “This is the latest collaboration in a successful partnership with JSP that has already lasted several years and shown considerable growth.”

The Polygiene StayFresh technology stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria and prolongs the life of fabric, Polygiene is used to treat sweatbands and cushion pads in JSP’s HardCap AeroLite®

The first-of-its-kind using Polygiene’s durable technology, this is the lightest, best-performing, full-shell bump cap on the market. Once treated with Polygiene technology, the PPE will benefit from a prolonged life and a reduced need to launder. This added functionality in JSP’s manufacturing process is one of many that aim to concentrate on product lifecycle management.

“By choosing Polygiene for the inner padding and sweatband in our Aerolite® industrial bump cap, we can help reduce the product’s environmental impact,” said Marketing Director at JSP, Sarah Baker. This collaboration between Polygiene and JSP will help the company strive towards their goals to be ISO 14001 accredited in 2023 and net zero by 2035 by reducing water consumption and tackling unnecessary product waste during production.