Fake goods raids result in mass seizures

Around 182,000 articles with an estimated value of €4.5 million were seized in raids on 23 different addresses, ASAE, the Portuguese Health and Safety Authority reported.

Operation Locomotive took place last week as part of the World Counterfeit Day and under the auspices of three ongoing criminal investigations focusing in and around the city of Oporto in Portugal.

The 182,716 counterfeit items were made up of clothing, perfumes, watches, sunglasses, handbags and belts with the raids targeting a range of different establishments including private homes, warehouses and retail outlets.

According to European Commission data, counterfeit goods accounted for between 5% and 7% of world trade and Europe loses about 200,000 jobs a year due to the lost revenues to luxury goods bands worth around €2 billion overall and between €400 and €800 million to the single market alone.

2,338,909 different products, with a total value of €7.7 million, have been seized in Portugal alone this year or being in breach of the Industrial Property Code resulting in over 150 criminal cases.

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News source: The Portugal News Online 10 June 2014

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