NBI Agents Seize Alleged Counterfeit Medicines

Operatives of the National Bureau of Investigation - Manila raided a drug store in Punta Princesa in Cebu City Tuesday for allegedly selling counterfeit anti-allergy tablets.

In an exclusive interview with Atty. Angelo Tapales of NBI, he said that Botica Maila owned by Georgia Francia sold counterfeit Virlix Tablets.

Tapales added that they conducted two test buys of the alleged counterfeit Virlix tablets and had it examined by manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The result of the examination indicated that the tablets submitted by NBI were not manufactured by GSK and that the colour, including the volume did not match the original Virlix Tablet.

The original tablet is thinner and is sparkling white while the counterfeit tablet is bulky and dirty white in colour. It also didn’t contain the anti-allergy content of the tablet. “Well, if you look at the tablet, it’s easy to tell especially if you’ve seen the original Virlix Tablet. We have to stop them selling this because it’s very dangerous,” said Tapales.

Over 50 tablets were confiscated from the drug store and brought to NBI headquarters for further examination. Operatives have yet to study the appropriate case to be filed against the owner of the drug store.

Source – ABS News, October 2008

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