Police seize counterfeit goods worth £2million

Police have seized counterfeit goods with a retail value of almost £2m after two raids in Scotland.

CID officers teamed up with Trading Standards and anti-counterfeiting groups to search addresses in Bonnybridge and Falkirk.

They found fake items including Rolex, Tag Heuer and Armani watches, Ray Ban sunglasses, DVD box sets and Hermes jewellery.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) and the Anti Counterfeiting Group (ACG) were also part of the team, which carried out the raids at the house in Bonnybridge and a business premises in Falkirk.

Kieron Sharp, director general at Fact, welcomed the outcome to the searches. He said: “Criminals are using the internet to sell counterfeit goods in large volumes. This criminal activity directly harms legitimate businesses and threatens the livelihoods of all those working in the creative industries as well as those employed by cinemas, retailers, distributors and legitimate online platforms.”

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Source: BBC News 14 May 2014

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