The science behind OdorCrunch™

When you have a problem like odor control, you need an effective solution. Preferably something that won’t cost the earth. Polygiene OdorCrunch™ uses one of the most prolific elements on earth – silica – and, using a patented formula, combines it with filtered river water. Once this formula is added to textiles, it has a remarkable effect on stinks and whiffs from sweat, cooking, smoke, or just about any other unpleasant odor you can think of.

Polygiene OdorCrunch is effectively a natural anti-odor treatment that captures, ‘crunches’, and permanently eliminates odors at the molecular level.

A solution to a problem

Odor creates several issues. Not only is it unpleasant, but the more a piece of fabric is washed to remove odors, the more water and electricity are used. It also increases the production of environmental waste by-products such as artificial perfumes and additives to detergents. Another factor to consider is the release of microfibres and microplastics, which can seriously harm the planet’s oceans and ecosystems.

Add in the fact that some textiles are hard to wash, such as carpets, textile upholstery, and curtains. We focus on garments, but OdorCrunch is an excellent solution for other hard-to-launder textile applications.

By reducing the frequency of washing, you impact these downstream factors considerably, including reducing the number of microfibers and microplastics from textiles going into the world’s oceans. And because they’re being washed less frequently and the fibers are not being continually agitated and worn out during repeated washing, you are also prolonging the lifespan of the textile.

Odors are made from molecules of various elements, including oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. It’s the combination of molecules that creates the smell. However, these molecules are vulnerable. Break the outer ‘shell’ surrounding it, and a molecule breaks down.

Silica attracts these molecules, and once they’ve attached to the surface, the modified silica goes to work, breaking through the outer shell of the molecule. The molecule collapses, and the odor is eliminated. The modified silica keeps working as long as it’s present – it doesn’t wear out and will last as long as the fabric it impregnates.

No. Polygiene OdorCrunch is not a biocide and is not liable under the Biocidal Product Regulations. It’s made from silica that’s been modified through a process to create a natural anti-odor additive for textiles and fabrics.

Odor control tests

The tests performed on Polygiene OdorCrunch treated fabrics mainly focus on isovaleric acid, a key component in odors. Control tests carried out measure the reduction of the percentage of isovaleric acid present. The less there is, the more significant the decrease in the smell produced.

Changing the way consumers care for their clothes and textiles

This blue-sky solution to a straightforward problem means that Polygiene OdorCrunch is helping manufacturers to produce more sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly clothes. This is a strong message that retailers can pass on to their customers. A more environmentally-conscious marketplace is actively looking for greener solutions to modern living. The message you’re sending is that the best way of reducing your environmental footprint is by keeping and using the garments and textiles you have for as long as possible.

By demonstrating that washing clothes and textiles less not only has constructive environmental consequences but can also benefit the individual, your message can positively reinforce behavioral change. A small effort can drive a significant difference – you’re reducing your environmental footprint by doing nothing!

It saves consumers money on disposables such as detergents and heavily perfumed laundry products, as well as energy usage. Fewer washes mean less electricity used to power the washing machine and fewer microfibers and microplastics released into the environment.

And ultimately, less laundry time means more time spent doing the things you enjoy instead!

Tried, tested, and award-winning technology

Polygiene OdorCrunch is based on industry-leading science and award-winning technology. It is Bluesign® approved, and Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport certified. It is also registered under REACH.

It’s an award-winner, too, gaining the prestigious Sustainability award at the 2019 Scandinavian Outdoor Group awards.