This new technology is based on sand (silica) and water, two of the most common raw materials in the world. Polygiene Odor Crunch© captures and breaks down unpleasant odors that we meet in our everyday life.

Polygiene Wins Sustainability Award

The award, presented at OutDoor by ISPO and part of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award (SOA) that this year included five other category winners – Overall Winner, Hardware Award, Footwear Award and Apparel Award is awarded to a game changer, not only for the outdoor industry but the entire apparel industry.

The Sustainability Award was presented to Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology for the launch of Odor Crunch®. Odor Crunch provides odor control for garments through the use of one of the world’s most plentiful and natural resources, sand (silica). The technology addresses odor in garments so that they do not need to be washed as often that reduces water, energy consumption, as well as limiting the release of microplastics and washing detergents.


The stays fresh promise has to date been fulfilled through our tried and tested odor control solution.

It gives users permanent fresh-all-day confidence by stopping the bacterial growth on the fabric surface…

…In many cases, the prime problem is indeed odors caused by bacteria,
such as sweat.

And stopping the bacterial growth on the fabric surface is the right way of doing it…

…But then there are the odors that don’t come specifically from bacteria.

And even with limited exposure, the garment will no longer feel clean and fresh.
Except… we have solved this…

Stays fresh is a promise.

Now we have a way of expanding on that promise.



Polygiene Odor Crunch© consists of silica, the main ingredient in sand, modified with a unique catalyst that breaks down odor. Polygiene Odor Crunch particles eliminates odors extremely efficiently in a 2-step odor eliminate process. Offensive odor consists of oxygen and nitrogen containing molecules. These odor molecules will stick to the modified silica particles in Odor Crunch. Once the odor molecules are absorbed, they will be catalytically cracked and broken down to carbon dioxide and water, and thus the offensive odor is permanently eliminated.


  • Polygiene Odor Crunch uses raw materials from Sweden
  • It consists of 95% filtered river water and
    5% modified silica sand particles
  • Silica is Earth’s most common raw material
  • The active substance breaks down odors into
    carbon dioxide and water
  • Polygiene Odor Crunch is not a biocide and is not liable under the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation).
  • It is a patented solution
  • Treated products can be recycled.
  • Zero waste in production
Stays Fresh
fresh air


Polygiene Odor Crunch’s main use will be in combination with Polygiene’s classic Stays Fresh Technology based on recycled silver salt. The Polygiene Stays Fresh technology now covers odors caused by bacteria, such as sweat odor, as well as other smelly environments.

Garments and products treated with the combination product will feel fresh and clean despite sweaty conditions and smelly environments.

Making homes fresh
and hygienic
Polygiene Odor Control Technology
Longer lasting and fresher
Let Polygiene take care of your textiles in a climate smart way
Permanent freshness,
cleanliness and hygiene
with Polygiene
Easy care textiles and
constant freshness
Polygiene makes life
cleaner and easier



Your towels stays fresh and odor free with the combination of Odor Crunch and Polygiene’s classic Stays Fresh Technology.


Night after night sleep soundly in your fresh and longer lasting sheets.
Polygiene treated Jacket linings


Polygiene combination treatment maintains your suits freshness so you don’t need to dry clean as often, saving time and money and increasing the lifespan of your suit.


Curtains provide personality, warmth and function in a home, Polygiene provides easy care and constant freshness. Never again will they smell of cooking fumes, cigarette smoke or other outside odors.


Preventing bacteria and fungi in your upholstery will make your home stay fresh.


Shirts treated with Polygiene can be worn more and washed less so you can pack light and be climate smart.


Polygiene treated luggage will ensure that only freshness rubs off on your packed garments.
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