Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology explained by The Germ Guy

The technology

Polygiene OdorCrunch

There’s nothing worse than the lingering smell of body odor, cooking fumes, or smoke on clothing. Polygiene OdorCrunch™ tackles that problem head-on, eliminating both body and environmental odors on fabrics, so clothes don’t need to be washed as often.

Certifications & awards

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Forloh integrates Polygiene’s combination technologies, Polygiene BioStatic™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™


Hockey gloves treated with Polygiene BioStatic™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technologies

Dr. Scholl’s

Perfect freshness with Polygiene BioStatic™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technologies


Products enhanced with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology

Mos Mosh

Men’s apparel treated with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology

The North Face

Socks with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology

UP Clothing

Organic Cotton Fleece with Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology

Benefits of Polygiene OdorcrunchTM

A natural solution to eliminate odors

Polygiene OdorCrunch technology is a practical and eco-friendly solution to the problem of lingering odors on clothing and fabrics. Smoke, food, and body odors become ingrained into the fibers of textiles. Polygiene OdorCrunch works as a natural anti-odor treatment by capturing, ‘crunching,’ and permanently removing odors using natural silica particles, the primary component of common sand.

Not only does this keep clothing and fabrics smelling fresher for longer, but it reduces the amount of washing required. This reduces water usage and the amount of detergent and energy spent on laundry. It makes fabrics last longer, creating eco-friendly clothes.

  • Stops body odor in its tracks

    The perfect workout buddy, Polygiene OdorCrunch removes odors from clothing caused by sweat, so you can train harder without worrying about stale smells or repeated laundry days.

  • Keeps textiles fresher

    Environmental smells – even pungent ones like cooking odors, body odors, and smoke – are ‘crunched,’ keeping textiles smelling fresher for longer.

  • Wear more. Wash less

    Because odors are eliminated at source, clothing treated with Polygiene OdorCrunch can be worn more and washed less, saving energy and water.

  • Enjoy freshness for a lifetime

    Polygiene OdorCrunch is an integral part of the fabric, so it keeps on crunching those odors for the life of the garment.

Products with Polygiene OdorCrunch™Products

Long Sleeve Shirt


Men’s SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

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Cotton Tee

Mos Mosh Gallery

Perry Crunch O-SS Tee

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Running Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s

Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles

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Crash Pants


Crash Pants

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Full Zip Jacket

Element Outdoors

Prime Series Light-Mid Jacket

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The science

Make the change from consumable to durable

Polygiene OdorCrunch upholds the principle that we should be moving away from consumables and toward durables. Manufacturers are getting on board with a more sustainable way of thinking by making products last longer and stopping odor without excessive washing. Here are a few forward-thinking partners who are on the same page as Polygiene.

Polygiene OdorCrunch works by using natural silica particles to capture the odors that cling to fabric fibers. It’s 95% filtered river water and 5% modified silica sand particles combined using a patented formula. The silica attracts molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, the elements that create bad odors. Once absorbed, the silica ‘crunches’ them by cracking and breaking down each molecule, so it loses its potency. That way, the smell is permanently eliminated.

As well as producing no waste during the manufacturing process (all raw material is converted into the final product), adding Polygiene OdorCrunch to fabric means that they don’t need to be washed as often. That reduces water usage, the amount of detergents and other washing liquids used, and prolongs the garment’s life. It embraces our principle of waste less, wear more.

We’re proud of the fact that Polygiene OdorCrunch won the Sustainability award at the 2019 Scandinavian Outdoor Group Awards. Polygiene OdorCrunch is also Bluesign® approved, and Oeko-tex® Eco Passport approved product.

Sports & Outdoor View partner
“While we expand our reach beyond hunting and fishing, these two pieces deliver on our promise to manufacture premium and versatile apparel here in the U.S. that exceeds the demands of our customers and their adventures.”
Andy Techmanski CEO and founder of FORLOH
Lifestyle & Fashion View case
“Innovation and sustainability are key words in Vicunha’s business, and the partnership with Polygiene is a clear reflection of our positioning. Offering to the fashion market solutions that allow consumers to save water and energy by washing their clothes less, brings so many positive impacts that it ends up being not only a good technology for the textile industry, but also a practical and fast solution for society, which increasingly demands sustainable solutions from the fashion chain”
German Alejandro CMO of Vicunha

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Crunching the numbers – how Polygiene OdorCrunchTM works

Polygiene OdorCrunch works at the molecular level to capture, ‘crunch’, and eliminate the molecules that create odors. The process uses natural silica, the main ingredient in ordinary sand. Silica attracts molecules such as sulfur away from the fabric fibers and onto its surface.

Once that happens, the molecules are absorbed by the silica, which acts on the shell around each molecule and ‘crunches’ it to break it down. The molecule, now no longer able to remain active, is eliminated permanently, and that offensive odor, whether it’s sweat, cooking smells, or even smoke, is gone for good.

Why is this a good thing?

By cutting down on the frequency of washing required to keep clothes smelling fresh, Polygiene OdorCrunch helps reduce water usage and the amount of detergents and artificially-scented fabric softeners required to mask stale odors. The wear more, wash less principle also helps reduce the amount of electricity consumed while doing laundry. And the less you wash a garment, the longer it lasts.