Polygiene “Softbank“ and ”Y!mobile“ shop staff uniform


Polygiene to provide odor-control to “Softbank“ and ”Y!mobile“ shop staff uniform. All shop staff to wear Polygiene treated uniform
starting June 1st nation wide

Leading stay fresh company Polygiene (HQ located in Malmo, Sweden, CEO Ulrika Bjork), with over 100 partner brands all over the world, has provided odor control Polygiene treatment to Softbank and Y!mobile shop staff’s summer uniform, which was designed and produced by women’s work clothing brand UNTITLED of World Group’s FEELS INTERNATIONAL. This uniform will be worn by staff in all stores within Japan nationwide beginning June 1st of 2018.

Sweat itself is odorless. Garments stay fresh if bacteria are prevented from spreading on clothing. With the word “Smell Harrassment” trending in recent years, especially during this season, care for odor has become an etiquette in many customer service industries, where staffs are in close contact with customers. Sweat and perspiration is odorless by itself, but moisture and temperature causes bacteria to increase, appearing on the fabric’s surface and eventually producing odor. Polygiene is based on silver salt produced from recycled silver, which inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from microbes such as bacteria. This treatment is not affected by washing the garment, so it provides odor-control results during the entire life of a product. Polygiene-treated apparel provides comfortableness between both staffs and customers.

UNTITLED is a women’s work clothing brand by FEELS INTERNATIONAL of World Group, a Japanese apparel company.

About “Softbank” and “Y!mobile”
“Softbank” and “Y!mobile”“is a mobile communication service brand developed by SoftBank Corp. in Japan.