Protective Surfaces

Innovative and ecologically sound, our advanced antimicrobial technology effectively inhibits microbial growth on all types of surfaces.

There’s more to clean surfaces than meet the eye. Virtually any public area represents a potential breeding ground for microorganisms. Good hygiene and cleaning practices are well recognized as important elements for preventing the spread of these microorganisms.




Escalator rails, elevator panels, subway handles, door handles, handrails and computer keyboards are examples of products in public environments that can be treated with Polygiene technology.


In hospitals, infections caused by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other resistant bacteria have become extremely costly. To help reduce costs to the healthcare sector, many types of electric and electronic medical equipment, including the lighting used in operating rooms, can be made with Polygiene for improved protection against MRSA and similar infections.


Bacteria, viruses and fungi flourish in areas that usually combine warmth and moisture, such as bathrooms and public restrooms. Unpleasant odors, mildew stains and the spread of bacteria and fungi are therefore common in rooms like these. Polygiene is a proven antimicrobial solution ideal for all types sanitary fixtures, from toilet seats, faucets, fittings, soap and paper towel dispensers and door handles. Polygiene makes visits to these rooms more pleasant while preventing the spread of microbes.


All types of industrial, commercial and residential flooring, including carpeting, can benefit from our antimicrobial technology. Flooring materials made with built-in, Polygiene protection makes it possible to stop microbes, bacteria and fungi in their tracks before ever getting a foothold on floor surfaces.


All types of components and materials used in the manufacture of furniture for hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other public rooms can be made with Polygiene to achieve finished products that will remain safer to touch. Steel frames, plastic parts, laminates, coatings and upholstery are typical applications with the furniture industry.


Wallpaper, laminates and paints intended for walls and countertops can be manufactured with Polygiene to keep these surfaces free from microbes. By doing so, Polygiene helps to make entire rooms a microbe-free environment for those who enter them.


Light switches, switch plates and pushbuttons are all examples of electrical components where microbes make stopovers on their way from one person to another. In addition to components like these, today’s large dependence on electronic products including keyboards, telephones and other handheld devices is one more reason to consider the unique antimicrobial protection offered by Polygiene.

Antimicrobial protection

Polygiene antimicrobial treatment offers 24/7 protection and works around the clock without adversely affecting other product characteristics. Polygiene antimicrobial technology is based on the natural ability of silver to inhibit the growth of microbes. The Polygiene silver compound is added during the manufacturing process and Polygiene silver ions are released at the surface, which inactivates the microbes upon contact.

Polygiene is designed to support regular cleaning practices for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, public and residential surfaces. See icons above.

Putting sustainability to work

Resource conscious
Polygiene takes a complete life cycle approach to the manufacture of our product. Throughout the supply chain, we take care to make decisions that conserve natural resources.

  • We promote eco-friendly manufacturing and application practices that do not require the use of additional water and energy supply.
  • We promote eco-friendly product disposal and recycling.

Minimal ecological footprint
To ensure the availability of resources for future generations, we reduce, recycle and reuse to limit the use of resources today. We consider the entire supply chain – from sourcing material to production and application through to use and disposal.

Sustainable sourcing and production
Polygiene is manufactured in the EU with minimal use of resources and in accordance with strict environmental regulations.

Polygiene Stays Fresh

By making all types of products and surfaces fresher by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, Polygiene helps keep various products and surfaces clean and hygienic in environments such as:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Airports, trains and train stations, subways
  • Public restrooms and waiting rooms
  • Other highly trafficked areas

Building a sustainable future

Polygiene works closely with many of the leading outdoor brands to deliver on a vision for the environment by using textiles in a more sustainable way, encouraging consumers to wash less and, wherever possible, to recycle Polygiene treated products.


Assa Abloy
Safe doorhandles

Have you seen these Assa Abloy handles? They are treated with Polygiene in a coating called Addion that is wear-resistant for long-lasting protection against spreading of bacteria. It is always important to wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer, and with Polygiene-treated handles – protection is even one more step ahead.


Fresh seats

Pressalit A/S, established in 1954, is a leading toilet-seat producer with own production sites in Denmark and Thailand. Pressalit is present in more than 50 countries. The export share, primarily in the European markets, is 80%. In the product portfolio a number of universal and custom toilet seats are included. Pressalit is synonymous with design, quality and functionality.


Hygienic floors

Flowfresh, in an exclusive global partnership with Polygiene®, represents a new generation of antimicrobial flooring, which uses a natural silver ion based technology to deliver the ultimate in hygiene performance. Flowfresh polyurethane technology has been designed to service the hygiene industries by offering total ground protection from a number of harmful bacteria.

Flowcrete 120529