Bin bags with scent additive


The science behind Polygiene ScentMaster™

The link between scents and the brain’s ability to retrieve specific memories, some dating back to our childhood, has been examined extensively. A particular smell can trigger a memory almost instantly. This powerful connection is a highly effective marketing tool that allows the consumer to distinguish between products and form a strong conscious bond with a particular item.

However, until recently, using scents and fragrances in polymer-based products was difficult to attain because aromas break down quickly when exposed to the higher temperatures required for polymer processing.

Polygiene ScentMaster™ changes all that. This stable masterbatch additive allows you to incorporate both generic and bespoke scents into your polymer products. And you don’t need a huge amount to achieve the desired result – Polygiene ScentMaster produces a pleasant fragrance in additions of as little as 1% and up to 5% volume.

The process

Polygiene ScentMaster masterbatch additives are stable up to temperatures of around 200°C/392°F. This is higher than most polymer processing temperatures, allowing a subtle scent to be added without immediate degradation.

Effective in a range of polymers

Polygiene ScentMaster masterbatch additives can be used for film and molding applications, including Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

Long-lasting scents

Once added to a polymer, Polygiene ScentMaster is stable as long as the item is sealed. Once exposed to the air, the scent will last up to six weeks.

ScentMaster masterbatches have a shelf-life of up to six months once opened. Masterbatches should be kept sealed until required to prolong the life of the scent. Once opened, they should be kept in a dry and cool environment and used within six months.

Virtually no limit to the applications

A wide range of scents is available, using organic oil for a more natural smell that isn’t harsh or too ‘chemically’. Artificial scents that are too strong tend to repel consumers. So we work with scent spectrums to find the right balance, especially when creating masterbatches that also have deodorizing properties.

Bespoke scents can also be created for individual masterbatches. These can be used to create a strong brand identity and to encourage consumer loyalty.

It can even be used to get rid of bad smalls – for example in garbage bags – by tricking the brain into only perceiving the pleasant smell rather than the foul odor.