Polygiene ScentMaster™ technology explained by Jason “The Germ Guy” Tetro

The technology


Everyone loves a nice scent. Not only is it pleasing, it can instantly evoke a memory of a place, a favorite thing, or even a loved one. Polygiene ScentMaster™ is an additive technology for polymers that can build up an instant and powerful olfactory response in consumers to a product simply by adding a tailor-made scent to items. This gives manufacturers and retailers a unique and very effective marketing point.

Polygiene ScentMaster in actionIn action


Traceless hair rings scented with Polygiene ScentMaster™

Cromwell Polythene

Sansafe® antimicrobial bin liner range with Polygiene ScentMaster™ and Polygiene Biomaster™

Flexion Optical Fibre Limited

PolymerSparkle offers stimulation to the sense of smell with Polygiene ScentMaster™


Bin liners scented with Polygiene ScentMaster™

Benefits of Polygiene Scentmaster

A world of fragrance

Polygiene ScentMaster is a range of concentrated fragrances, flavor additives, and deodorizing technology that can be added to a wide range of polymers and applied to a variety of products and scenarios. From perfumed packaging that drives consumer loyalty to fragranced garbage bags that cut down on odors, we can create virtually any smell for an almost endless range of applications.

  • Effective in small dosage

    It is highly concentrated and can be added in amounts of as little as 1% to provide effective and enticing fragrance additions to products.

  • Masks odors in typically smelly places

    Polygiene ScentMaster can make even the most pungent places much more fragrant.

  • Brings your product to life

    Scent can be a powerful way to influence a purchase decision, generating sales and building brand loyalty.

  • Huge range of applications

    With virtually any smell capable of being synthesized, Polygiene ScentMaster is incredibly versatile.

The science

The power of smell

Embedding enticing fragrances into your products might seem obvious, whether it’s mouthguards, hair bobbles, chew toys, or pet bowls. But the applications for Polygiene ScentMaster are only limited by your imagination. Smells can be used for aversion as well as attraction. For example, Polygiene ScentMaster is used as an additive in forestry applications to drive deer away from saplings with the scent of lion’s urine.

Two key areas put Polygiene ScentMaster apart from the more traditional ways of incorporating scent into products or applications. Firstly, fragrances and flavors are usually easily destroyed during manufacturing. The high temperatures involved during polymer processing break down scent additives until very little is left. ScentMaster resists the effects of high-temperature manufacturing processes, allowing you to enhance your product with a subtle yet effective scent that remains stable for a longer period. Secondly, Polygiene ScentMaster can be tailored to ensure the scent isn’t overpowering or too ‘chemical’ – both of which can put off consumers. We aim to replicate the natural complexities of genuine fragrances, giving them a subtle yet lasting potency that doesn’t smell artificial.

ScentMaster can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Educational products for multi-sensory play
  • Scented bin liners to mask offensive and unwanted odors
  • Perfumed packaging for food, drink, and consumer products
  • Flavored chew toys for agricultural and domestic animals

No. It’s added to the polymer in pellet form during the forming process, so it’s integrated into the polymer.

Healthcare View partner
“Offering PolymerSparkle with Scentmaster fragrance technology and lasting antimicrobial protection gives us a clear competitive advantage in a market that is vital and effective part in the treatment of sensory disorders with children and adults alike.”
Steve Lewis Flexion

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Sensational effects – how Polygiene ScentMaster works

Polygiene ScentMaster masterbatches contain a concentrated organic oil fragrance. They are delivered as translucent pellets measuring around 2-3mm and are insoluble in water. The scent impregnation is stable up to temperatures of about 200°C/392°F, well within the parameters of most polymer manufacturing processes.

The scented masterbatch is mixed into the polymer at rates of up to 5% to provide a durable and lasting scent release. Once a product has been sealed, the scent is stabilized.

Once opened, the scent will last for up to six weeks before dissipating. Masterbatches have a shelf life of up to six months once opened.

Designed for your business

As well as a range of pre-manufactured scents, ScentMaster can also produce custom-made scents for your business. Our chemists have created a highly refined spectrum of aromas that combat odors by tricking the brain into only recognizing a more pleasing scent.

So, for example, kitchen waste can be masked by a lemon or grapefruit scent, while jasmine works particularly well with feminine hygiene products. We can even create repellents, such as lion urine-scented polymer to repel deer.

Additional benefits

Polygiene ScentMaster can be impregnated with deodorizing technology. This doesn’t eliminate foul odors but instead tricks the human olfactory system to only identify pleasant smells rather than offensive odors.