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The technology


Our industry-leading antibacterial technology inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so garments need less washing, saving water, energy and wear and tear.

Certifications & awards

Polygiene StayFresh in actionIn action


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh ™ technology


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh ™ technology


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology


Products enhanced with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology

The North Face

Perfect freshness with Polygiene StayFresh™

Benefits of Polygiene StayFreshTM

Freshness for a lifetime

Polygiene StayFresh is embedded in textiles to provide freshness for the entire lifespan of most products. That means you need to wash less and replace items less frequently – good news for you, and good news for the environment.

Used by sports & outdoor brands, all sorts of fashion and apparel applications, lifestyle and home products and even for pets, Polygiene StayFresh minimizes bacterial growth keeping items fresh and ultimately more sustainable.

  • Protects against body odors

    Polygiene StayFresh inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, stopping smells at the source.

  • Keeps textiles fresh and hygienic

    Even with sweat, humidity or other moisture, Polygiene StayFresh makes it impossible for bacteria to multiply.

  • Wear more, wash less

    Less odor means you need to wash your textiles less frequently, saving water and energy.

  • Freshness for a lifetime

    Because it’s integral to the textile, Polygiene StayFresh lasts for the lifetime of most products.

Products with Polygiene StayFreshProducts


Leeds Weather

Raspberry Pink socks

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Quick-drying towel


Personal Towel

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A classic hoody


The Everyday Meander Sweat

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Women joggers

Vernon Amsterdam

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Polo shirt


Workwear polo shirt

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The science

Sustainability built-in

By integrating Polygiene StayFresh, many leading brands have already made a choice to move from fast consumables to durables. 

Yes. All our treatments have undergone extensive sensitivity testing and are completely safe – even when used for long periods. Polygiene StayFresh™ is only active in the material so it doesn’t interfere with any natural bacteria on the skin.

We’re accredited by bluesign, which promotes consumer safety, low impact manufacturing and responsible use of resources; Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport which supports responsible manufacturing and supply chains; and we have REACH compliance, the EU’s chemicals legislation. Polygiene StayFresh™ was also a winner in the 2019 Scandinavian Outdoor Group Awards.

Yes. Polygiene StayFresh™ works extremely effectively in combination with Polygiene OdorCrunch™, our powerful natural anti-odor treatment which removes environmental odors like cooking fumes, cigarette smoke and body odors, keeping products fresher longer.

Sports & Outdoor View partner
“We already thought a long time ago at Maloja about how functional clothing can stay fresh longer, in order to save valuable resources – for instance through fewer washing cycles. With Polygiene, we found what we were looking for. Almost all tricots and the high-performance chamois in the bike shorts are treated with Polygiene. Especially in the bike sector, the technology can show its full strength – from long road bike rides to multi-day gravel bike-packing tours to MTB alpine crossings”
Sven Köhler Head of production, Maloja
Lifestyle & Fashion View partner
“At M.M.LaFleur, our mission is to make life easier for professional women by providing them with polished-but-practical workwear options. By partnering with Polygiene and incorporating their anti-odor finish, we’re essentially giving working women the benefits of activewear – they can hustle on their commutes and sit through long meetings without having to worry about smelly garments. The fact that the treatment process is sustainable and environmentally friendly is also incredibly important to us”
Audrey O’Brien Director of Fabric R&D, M.M.LaFleur

Give your products built-in superpowers

Join us in our mission to redefine freshness and reimagine protection for a better future for all. Ready to revolutionize your products and make the change from fast consumables to durables? Get in touch!

Partners using Polygiene StayFreshPartners

Protects against odors for long-lasting freshness

Polygiene StayFresh technology prevents bacteria from growing on fabrics and textiles so they don’t smell. Less odor means less washing, saving water, energy and wear and tear so products last longer and need to be replaced less frequently. With Polygiene StayFresh embedded in your products you move from consumables to durables – it’s a simple way to meet your sustainability targets while passing on highly desirable benefits to your customers.

How does it work?

Polygiene StayFresh is based on silver chloride, a salt that is naturally present in water and soil. The silver ions in the salt make it impossible for the bacteria responsible for bad smells to multiply, stopping odor in its tracks

This advanced technology is integrated into the fabric, so freshness is built-in for the lifetime of the garment. And because it’s added during the finishing stage, there’s no additional energy or water required during the application, minimizing environmental impact during manufacture too.