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Sustainable clothingwith Polygiene

As we look to reduce the environmental impact of what we wear, the most important thing we can do is to extend the life of our clothing.
That’s why brands across the world are developing antimicrobial clothing and fabrics.

Eco-friendly clothing Creating a longer life for our clothes

How can I live in a more sustainable way? As the need for urgent action against climate change becomes clearer every day, this question is on all our minds.

Accounting for around 10% of global carbon emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined – the fashion industry has a vital role to play.

If we continue to live the way we do now, global consumption of clothing will grow from 62 million metric tons in 2019 to 102 million tons in 10 years. And greenhouse gas emissions from the fashion industry will rise by more than 50% by 2030.

So, where can we start in solving this problem? The fashion industry is constantly looking for new ways to create eco-friendly clothes, and to produce more sustainable fabrics.

While, understandably, much of the focus is on the inputs and processes involved in producing a garment, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the most important goal should simply be to make clothing which lasts longer.

For example, research completed in Sweden has found that using garments twice as many times in their original purchase form cuts their climate impact by almost 50%. This reduction is mainly due to fewer new garments needing to be produced.

A white paper study, reviewing research looking at how the textile and clothing industry can use resources in a smarter way from a consumer perspective, concludes that

Extending the active life of our clothes should be the goal with the highest priority.

As sustainable clothing brands aim to make their products last longer, Polygiene antimicrobial technologies can help make this happen. By controlling odor in textiles, our treatments can significantly reduce the number of times a product needs to be washed, playing a vital role in extending its life. That’s because, quite simply, the fewer times it goes through the laundry, the longer it lasts.

Over 300 global premium brands are now using Polygiene technology to create antimicrobial clothing and fabrics. This has helped establish us as the leading stay fresh ingredient brand. But, more importantly, for consumers it is helping to fundamentally change the way we view our garments and other gear – from fast consumables to durables.

Our partners come from a variety of sectors – fashion, sports, outdoor, workwear, footwear, home design, medical, gaming, to name a few – and they are all committed to improving the sustainability of their products.

Brands working with us include Adidas, The North Face (Japan), Montane and Diesel.

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Many Polygiene Partners has a long outdoor tradition and love of nature and try hard to make longer-lasting products and designs.
Goldwin group (home to Polygiene partners like The North Face and Helly Hansen) aims to use 100% environmentally friendly materials by 2050.
Denim is a fabric that benefits from not being washed that often. International denim company Diesel has a project with Polygiene that tries to reduce the need for washing.